The Reasons Of Choosing CNC Machining Center

The Reasons Of Choosing CNC Machining CenterThe Reasons Of Choosing CNC Machining Center

In recent years, the coexistence of “difficult recruitment” and “difficult employment” in the labor market is confusing. Especially after the Spring Festival every year, the phenomenon of “difficult to recruit workers” and “difficult to find a job” appears on the one hand. This year is no exception. This structural contradiction in employment reflects the mismatch between human resource supply and job demand when the total market supply and demand are basically equal. While it is difficult for a group of workers to achieve employment, it is difficult for another group of enterprises Recruit employees.

There are multiple reasons behind the “labor shortage”, which urgently requires enterprises to carry out structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading. The “difficult employment” reflects the imbalance of the labor force structure, and the unequal needs of job seekers and employers. For example, there is a shortage of professional and technical personnel, and some high-tech talents are hesitant to expect higher treatment; ordinary job applicants do not have the relevant professional Skills, it is difficult to be qualified for high-tech positions, but he is unwilling to engage in relatively low-end jobs. As the so-called “not high, not low”, so difficult to find a job is also inevitable.

In the case of “labor shortage”, many small and medium-sized enterprises have considered the upgrade of productivity, from manual to automation. In this process, CNC equipment has become an indispensable factor, and the machining center has become the first choice for many companies this year. So what does the machining center get the attention of the bosses?

Advantages of machining center.

1. High equipment utilization

The utilization rate of the machining center equipment is several times that of the general-purpose machine tool. It has an automatic tool change function to concentrate the functions of milling, boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting on a single device, so that it has a variety of technological means. When processing workpieces, one-time clamping can realize multi-process centralized processing, greatly reducing errors caused by multiple clampings. At the same time, the tools scattered on the general-purpose machine tools are concentrated on the tool magazine of the machining center, and it is possible to meet the processing needs with the least tool holder. Due to the concentrated process, it is easy to adapt to the production of multiple varieties and small and medium batches.

2. The processing accuracy is high quality and stable

The automatic tool change function of the machining center can effectively reduce the number of clamping of the workpiece, reduce or eliminate the positioning error caused by multiple clamping, and improve the machining accuracy. When the position accuracy of each part of the part is high, the automatic tool change function can very conveniently and effectively reduce the positioning and tool setting errors. It can complete the processing of each part in the process of one-time clamping and one-time tool setting, ensuring all The accuracy of the position of the processed parts is required.

3. Improve production efficiency

One machine tool in the machining center integrates the functions of various equipment such as milling machines, drilling machines, and tapping machines. It can reduce the number of enterprise machine tools. Because one person can operate multiple machining centers at the same time, the number of operators is reduced, and the labor cost is reduced accordingly; In addition, it has a CNC machining center. It is also a concrete manifestation of the strength of the enterprise, which will contribute to the increase of more business volume. Thereby improving production efficiency.

4. Strong practicability and flexible use

The machining center can easily realize multiple different processing procedures such as drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, tapping, milling the end face and grooving, etc. It is difficult to control the size of parts, such as fan blades, automobile engine housings and other parts. It can process complex curve parts and can process four-axis or five-axis by adding CNC indexing head.

Disadvantages of the machining center.

The processing center has a large one-time investment and needs to be equipped with other auxiliary devices. The technology is complex, and the requirements for use, maintenance and management are relatively high.