Headquartered in China, Wonder has more than 10 years of custom CNC manufacturing experience. We are able to offer custom CNC machining services and laser cutting services from design, rapid prototyping, and complex parts geometry to low or large-volume production. We are always committed to producing high-quality machined parts and laser cutting parts in line with your budget and lead time demand.

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CNC Prototype

CNC prototyping is known for its precision and versatility, with a wide material range and range of different CNC machines to create with and choose from.

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CNC Milling

Tolerance up to + /- .0001. Using a wide variety of CAD or CAM files, our CNC milling machines and talented operators, we’re able to create a wide variety of geometries.

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CNC Turning

Capabilities up to 20″ round. We are able to produce high quality, close tolerance parts for needs ranging from rapid prototyping to high volume runs of machined parts.

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CNC Laser Cutting services are the most precise and accurate means to cut metals, enabling service providers to offer products that fit customers’ unique needs.

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Precision cnc spinning process is fast, efficient, and can produce high-quality parts with tight tolerances as we have outlined here.

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CNC Stamping

Inquire now for precision cnc stamping services! CNC stamping is best suited for large volume production runs where 5,000 or more parts are made in one run.

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We Shape the Perfect

With low-volume production and cnc manufacturing, you can create a bridge between initial prototyping and full-scale production. This allows you to bring your products to market more quickly, reduces lead times, and allows you to respond more quickly to short product life cycles.

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