Headquartered in China, Wonder has more than 10 years of custom CNC manufacturing experience. We are able to offer custom CNC machining services and laser cutting services from design, rapid prototyping, and complex parts geometry to low or large-volume production. We are always committed to producing high-quality machined parts and laser cutting parts in line with your budget and lead time demand.

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Lower Cost
  • Compared to U.S. factories, Chinese Manufacturing costs are drastically (50% or more) lower.
Control Risk
  • We help you pre-qualify parts by visiting on-site. We monitor parts production constantly and inspect quality before shipment.
  • you are welcome to visit our manufacturing base in china and discuss requirements with cnc machining makers directly.
Better Access
  • Most Chinese cnc machining factories, especially the low-cost cnc machining makers, don't have abilities to deal with foreigners.

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We are a customer service-oriented company, and you are our priority. We pay close attention to your needs, always provide you the best solution - no matter how small the cnc manufacturing project.

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Our products have been widely used in various fields, including Automotive, Medical, Mechanical, Semiconductor, Energy, Marine, Aerospace and many other fields. The company will be dedicated to the general customer service, to save operating costs for users is our goal, customer satisfaction is our purpose. We will always uphold the “quality as life, service as the cornerstone” of the enterprise spirit.
Wonder offers rapid prototyping and precision machining services for innovative companies around the world. Whether you need a custom prototype, low-volume production, or high-volume production, our service is second to none. With a strong emphasis on quality control, we get the job done right, every time!
Established in 2008, Dongguan Wonder Industries Co., Ltd is located in the “World’s Manufacturing Base,” in Dongguan city. We are committed to producing precision machined parts and nonstandard automation design and manufacture for more than a decade. At Wonder, we believe in the pursuit of excellence, providing customers with world-class quality products and services. • 2008 Founded in Hong Kong and Shenzhen • 2010 ISO9001:2008 accreditation • 2012 Registered in Shenzhen, China • 2014 Established branch plant in Dongguan • 2018 Moved to Dongguan, ISO9001:2015 accreditation • 2019 ISO14001:2015 accreditation
If your business is looking for a cnc manufacturer in china contact us with your RFQ and become another happy machining and laser cutting customer.

CNC Prototype

CNC prototyping is known for its precision and versatility, with a wide material range and range of different CNC machines to create with and choose from.

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CNC Milling

Tolerance up to + /- .0001. Using a wide variety of CAD or CAM files, our CNC milling machines and talented operators, we’re able to create a wide variety of geometries.

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CNC Turning

Capabilities up to 20″ round. We are able to produce high quality, close tolerance parts for needs ranging from rapid prototyping to high volume runs of machined parts.

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CNC Laser Cutting services are the most precise and accurate means to cut metals, enabling service providers to offer products that fit customers’ unique needs.

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Precision cnc spinning process is fast, efficient, and can produce high-quality parts with tight tolerances as we have outlined here.

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CNC Stamping

Inquire now for precision cnc stamping services! CNC stamping is best suited for large volume production runs where 5,000 or more parts are made in one run.

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