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What does type the CNC knife have?

What does type the CNC knife have?What does type the CNC knife have?
  1. CNC milling cutters are commonly used CNC tools. Also known as a flat knife. Generally used is a white steel knife. Mainly cutting some products with low surface requirements. It’s quite cheap. Easier to wear. Milling cutter for aluminum. Its material is mainly tungsten steel structure. CNC precision machining is mainly used for cutting aluminum. The surface finish of the product is relatively smooth.
  2. The coated tungsten steel cutter mainly cuts steel casting iron. Relatively resistant to heat. wear resistant. Higher prices.
  3. Drill. This is more common. Includes standard twist drill. Mainly used to fight conventional materials. The punching effect of conventional products. Group drilling can play a magical role for some special workpieces. Fixed-point drilling center drilling is mainly used for point centering.
  4. Chamfering knife. CNC precision machining can generally be replaced by spot drilling, which is mainly used for product chamfering.
  5. CNC ball nose cutter. Mainly used for processing curved products, of course, special applications are also available.
  6. CNC boring tool. Used for boring fine holes. The scale is generally adjustable. The holes used mainly for processing are relatively demanding. But compared to a reamer. Will not play a more porous role. Reamer. main
  7. Reaming hole. Dongguan cnc processing mold parts are generally used for fine hole processing. Can play a role in correcting the verticality of the hole. Face milling cutter. Also called flying knife. Milling large planes. It is also a common tool in machining centers.
  8. Round nose knife. Generally plays a rough role. Can also face milling. Relatively versatile. Thread milling cutter, can mill threads. You can use the programming software to program the thread program. Tap. Play product tapping. Divided into cutting taps. Spiral tap. Squeeze a tap.
  9. Dovetail cutter. Its shape resembles a dovetail and gets its name. It is mainly used to open the dovetail groove. Carving tools. CNC precision machining is mainly used for product engraving. Hob. Used to machine holes. Can make its finish to mirror level.
  10. T-shaped cutter. Mainly used for milling T-slots.