2011 # and 2014 # alarms occurred during the tool change process of the turret tool post

During FANUC CNC lathe turret tool post, 2011 # and 2014 # alarms appear during the tool change process.
Fault analysis and processing
The 2011 # alarm indicates that the turret is faulty, and the 2014 # alarm indicates that the turret is not tight. It may be because the proximity switch did not send a signal during fine positioning, and the solenoid could not be locked.
Using the PLC ladder dynamic display function of the FANUC system, it is found that the fine positioning proximity switch X0021.2 is not lit (not turned on). Remove this switch and check that the connection is normal. It is estimated that it is caused by improper distance between the proximity switch and the sensing block.
Adjust the distance between the two so that they maintain an appropriate distance of 0.8mm, and then check that the X0021.2 signal is normal, and the turret tool post can be used normally