850 machining center five-axis CNC milling machine

The five-axis CNC milling machine of the 850 machining center is a high-tech and high-precision machine tool specially used for processing complex curved surfaces. It is the only way to solve the processing of impellers, blades, marine propellers and heavy-duty generator rotors. Five-axis machining The central industry has a decisive influence on a country’s aviation, aerospace, military and precision equipment industries.

The five-axis machining center is easy to make, the key is to get the customer’s approval and use. At present, only one model, the cradle-type five-axis machining center has been launched, and more types of five-axis machining centers will be developed in the future Production, so that more manufacturing companies can use the five-axis machining center.

Relevant reports show that from the CIMT exhibition in 1999, domestic five-axis CNC machine tools first appeared on the stage of the CNC machine tool market. It has been more than ten years since now. Some manufacturers of CNC milling machines have now obtained five-axis machining centers. Recognized by the market, but in the production workshops of key enterprises such as aviation and military industry, the imported five-axis machining centers are still used for key processing procedures. The industrialization of domestic five-axis machining centers does not seem to be so smooth. The annual import figures are more It is high, reflecting the market demand from the side.

Five-axis machining center, five-axis CNC milling machine

For the future five-axis machining center market is very optimistic, with the acceleration of China’s manufacturing upgrade process and people’s continuous pursuit of quality of life, 3C industry, automobile manufacturing, glasses, watches, hardware and bathroom industries will provide five-axis machining center The broad market is also the new dawn of the development of the CNC machine tool industry, and will contribute its own strength to the application promotion and talent training of the domestic five-axis machining center industry.