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Adjustment of machining center

Since the machining center belongs to large and medium-sized CNC machine tools, the machine tool factory needs to disassemble the machine tool into several parts when it is shipped. After the machine tool is in place, it needs to be reconnected and installed. Therefore, after the machine tool is in place, it is necessary to repeatedly adjust the level of the main bed of the machine tool by adjusting the foot bolts and shim used for the foundation of the machine tool that has been fixed, so that the parallelism of each axis on the full stroke is allowed Inside. And in order to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine tool during power cutting. Care must also be taken to keep all horns tight. Considering that the cement foundation is not stable enough, it is generally required to fine-tune the machine tool level after several months to six months to ensure the accuracy and stability of the K-phase work of the machine tool.

The main parts of the machining center that need to be adjusted are the relative positions of the manipulator and the spindle and the tool magazine, and the relative positions of the pallet and the exchange table to ensure that the tool change and the exchange table are difficult, stable and reliable. The adjustment methods and requirements are as follows.

/ (1 /) Adjust the relative position of the manipulator, spindle and tool magazine. Use the Gz8YoZo or C30Yo zo program to make the machine tool automatically move to the tool change position, and then use the moving mode to carry out the tool exchange step by step, check whether the actions of grasping, loading, and drawing are accurate and appropriate. If there is an error, you can adjust the stroke of the manipulator, move the manipulator support or the position of the tool magazine, etc. If necessary, you can also change the setting of the unique point coordinate value of the tool change base / (parameter setting /). After adjustment, tighten the adjustment screws, and then perform multiple tool changes. It is best to use several tool handles close to the maximum allowable weight to carry out repeated tool change experiments to achieve accurate movements without impact or falling.

/ (2 /) Adjust the pallet spoon exchange: I is the relative position of the table. For double worktables or multiple worktables, the relative position of the worktable’s pallet and the exchange worktable must be carefully adjusted to ensure stable and reliable automatic exchange of the worktable. During adjustment, the worktable should be equipped with more than 50% of the rated Load, automatic exchange operation of the workbench.