Aluminum Manganese Alloy Aluminum Plate

Advantages of aluminum-manganese alloy enclosure panels: aluminum materials are widely used as exterior walls and roofing in the construction industry. The choice of aluminum as a construction material is determined by its economic, practical, and aesthetic value. Airports, high-speed rail stations, Buildings such as sports venues and stylish houses can only highlight the building’s personality by using aluminum.

Aluminum manganese alloy aluminum plate, corrosion resistant, easy to bend and easy to weld

1. Light weight: That is, the weight of the lower structure is light, and the prefabricated components can be placed in a higher place. The lifting work can be easily completed on site without using large lifting equipment.

2. Corrosion resistance: The aluminum material itself has strong corrosion resistance. This feature is more prominent after it is prefabricated. In this way, even if the shaped thin aluminum plate is used for a long time under extreme conditions, it does not need to cost expensive Perform maintenance.

3. Rugged and durable: Aluminum material has incredible strength, and it can be used to build a lightweight but extremely stable structure.

4. Strong plasticity: Aluminum material has good flexibility and plasticity, and unlimited design potential. It can be processed in a variety of ways, such as: shaping, welding, riveting, and cutting into dynamic 3-D geometric shapes.

5. Easy connection: In addition to the commonly used connection methods in the construction industry, methods such as welding, riveting, fixing, and direct fixed connection can also be used. These methods are simple and easy to use, and can quickly and safely complete the construction components The connection works.

6. Recyclable: Usually only one process can be used to recycle aluminum roofing and wall panels.Compared with the primary production process, the recycling process can save 95% of energy.

7. Aesthetic value: It can be subjected to various surface polishing and coloring treatments, such as: anodizing or coating, which can meet the architect’s high aesthetic requirements and can extend the potential service life of aluminum materials.

Second, the characteristics of aluminum manganese upright locking system:

1; No connection port, no screw holes, complete building appearance

2; can be bent into inner arc and outer arc

3; Choose different materials and colors

4; overall structural waterproof and drainage function

5; Can be used on roofs with slopes as small as 1.5°

6; Excellent resistance to wind pressure (with bottom plate), especially suitable for typhoons and stormy areas

7; It can eliminate the pressure caused by thermal expansion and contraction

8; Simple and fast machine winding, convenient construction and economical

9; easy to lay heat insulation and sound absorption layer

10; No need for chemical caulking glue to avoid pollution and aging problems