Aluminum Profile Cnc Machining Advantages

Aluminum profile cnc processing is to use a computer to compile a set of processing procedures, such as cutting, tapping, tapping, countersinking, etc., which basically rely on CNC operations. CNC machining of aluminum alloy profiles can reduce product damage.

Now many companies choose aluminum profile cnc processing technology, so what are the advantages of this processing technology?

1. The number of tooling can be reduced: complex tooling is not required when processing complex aluminum profiles, as long as the program is modified. The processed aluminum profile has high precision and stable quality. Whether it is a conventional aluminum profile or a complex cross section of a heterogeneous material, or a part that is not easy to process, CNC machining can be operated. Disadvantages of CNC processing: processing equipment is relatively expensive, and the quality requirements of the operator are also relatively high.
2. The aluminum machining quality is stable, the processing accuracy is high, and the repeat accuracy is high, which is suitable for the processing requirements of the aircraft.
3. It can process complex profiles that are difficult to process with conventional methods, and even process some unobservable processing parts.
4. The number of tooling is greatly reduced, and complex tooling is not required to process parts with complex shapes. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for the development and modification of new products.
5. The production efficiency is higher in the case of multiple varieties and small batch production, which can reduce the time for production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection, and the cutting time is reduced due to the best cutting amount.

Aluminum profile cnc processing can carry out the coordination of multiple coordinates, and can produce and process parts with complicated appearance design; when the aluminum profile cnc processing parts are changed, generally only a program must be written, which can save the production site management time and save human capital.

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