Analysis of the reason why the stepping motor of CNC lathe does not rotate

CNC lathe refers to a CNC machine tool with targeted processing functions but a low degree of function and low price. It is mainly composed of mechanical and electrical control. Its faults can be divided into mechanical faults and control system faults according to the source of the fault. ; According to the operation status, there are non-operation type, running processing size out-of-regular type and running processing size out-of-standard type, etc .; in terms of its CNC system, it can be divided into three categories: hardware problems, software problems and disturbance problems . CNC lathes are generally recognized and widely used in the machining industry because of their high level of economic automation and price.

First of all, check whether the connection plug of the stepper motor is in good contact. If the connection plug is in good contact, you can exchange the one-phase motor without any problems. If the motor runs normally after the exchange, the original stepper motor is faulty. If the motor still cannot work normally after the motor is exchanged, it is clarified that its control is not normal. It can focus on the reflection of the high-power triode extreme maintenance component on the driver board to release the diode. Under normal conditions, the probability of damage of these two components is relatively large.

CNC lathes are developed on the basis of ordinary lathes, but the level of automation has been greatly improved. The automatic control system is mainly composed of a single-chip computer. After the control program, it controls the longitudinal and lateral feed installation and tool change installation of the machine tool to automatically complete the processing of the parts.

After the numerical control lathe is started in sequence, the stepper motor does not vibrate. It is usually formed by the stepper motor or its control system out of phase. It can be the fault of the stepper motor itself or the fault of its driving circuit.