Analysis of Two Factors Affecting the Quality of Optics in the Processing Center

Two factors of the quality of the optical machine in the machining center:

1. The rigidity of the machining center

Because the rigidity of the processing base will directly affect the output power and the machining accuracy of the machine tool, the processing speed of the machining center is higher than that of the general machine tool, and the power of the motor is also higher than that of the general machine tool of the same standard, so the structural rigidity is also much higher than the general machine tool. When ordering, according to the technical request, the maximum value of torque, power, shaft force and feed force, the calculation is based on the value provided by the manufacturer.

2, the machining accuracy of the machining center

Processing accuracy directly affects the quality of the product. Many people will directly influence whether or not to acquire if they deny the accuracy of the machine tool. It should be noted that machining accuracy and machine tool accuracy are two different concepts. It is not correct to regard the accuracy on the manufacturer’s sample or the certificate as the processing accuracy. The azimuth accuracy indicated on the sample or certificate is the accuracy of the machine tool, and the machining accuracy is the sum of errors generated by various factors in the entire technical system including the errors promised by the machine tool itself.