Analyze small machining centers to understand the tools used for machining

Analyze small machining centers to understand the tools used for machiningAnalyze small machining centers to understand the tools used for machining

More and more merchants have begun to purchase large-scale processing centers in large quantities. After a long period of development and improvement, this technological product has gained a certain position in the industrial market. The industrial output value it creates every year has also surprised many people in the industry. This is also the most important reason why many businesses choose small processing centers. When purchasing small processing centers, businesses will pay more attention to the performance of mold processing centers. If you want to purchase a small machining center that is more suitable for the enterprise, you must fully understand the tools used by the small machining center. The tools used in this machine are mainly divided into three categories: CNC drills, reaming tools and reamer.

The value of CNC drills

The value of CNC drills in small machining centers is not negligible. Whether it is a more perfect processing machine is closely related to CNC drills. The most widely used CNC drill bit is a twist drill, which has a relatively high hardness and a high efficiency during work. The production material is mainly made of steel bars and alloys. When the twist drill is in production, its tip is sharpened into a circular shape by the relevant scientific and technical personnel, so that the processing effect of the machine is most obvious. The rake angle of the constant blade has also been increased, so that the corresponding frictional force will be reduced when machining.

The role of reaming tools

This kind of reaming tool is used when machining holes that have been punched out. In the home, reamers are often used. It has many blades, generally there will be 3-4, the most important thing is that his guiding performance is very obvious. The reaming drill is relatively tight when processing, and the general reaming range is 2MM-4MM. The lack of a constant blade is also its biggest feature, so that the axial force when cutting will be very small. The reamer is mainly made of high-speed steel, and the reamer produced by this material has the best effect.

Characteristics of reamer

The reamer has the highest technological content. It mainly performs precision machining on some smaller diameter holes. It has many cutter teeth and very strong rigidity. When working, it will cut off the thin metal layer on the surface of the part. After this part is processed, the outer surface of the processed hole will be smoother and more practical.

Through the above description, I believe that everyone has a full understanding of the processing tools used by the careful processing center. As long as the merchants can master the characteristics of this tool, they will definitely buy small processing centers suitable for the role of the enterprise.