Analyze where the cnc machining center is developing?

Analyze where the cnc machining center is developing?

In recent years, the market demand of the cnc machining center industry has gradually shifted to mid-to-high-end cnc machining centers. With the slow growth of the total market, the market share of high-precision and intelligent machining centers has increased, and the proportion of CNC machining centers in the total consumption of machining centers has increased. More than 60% of CNC machining centers are developing towards high speed, precision, intelligence and green. In the past few years, the machining center industry has continued to develop at a very high speed.

Until the first half of 2011, demand was still very strong, but from the second half of last year, the growth of demand has slowed down significantly, new orders have fallen sharply, and the economic benefits Gradually it became severe, and the profit margin continued to decline. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the state implements an active fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy. With the progress of science and technology, product upgrades, and the frequent advancement of national key projects and local investment projects, the demand for cnc processing center tool products in various sectors of the national economy will be With further improvement, the demand for high-level processing centers in national defense modernization will be more urgent, market demand will develop to a higher level, and a new round of market competition will become more intense.

Due to the downturn in the industry and the downstream manufacturing enterprises’ demand for machining centers, China’s machining center industry has been in a downturn. Upgrade and transformation have become the keywords of the industry in recent years, and economical CNC machining centers have become the focus of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry. one.

China’s high-end CNC machining center technology has made new progress

China’s high-end CNC machining center technology has made new progress, the double gantry mobile drilling and boring composite machining center project was successfully completed. Authoritative experts said: Many key technical indicators of the project have reached the international advanced level, some of the indicators have even reached the world’s leading level, and a major breakthrough in the field of high-end cnc machining centers.

The machining center industry, especially the high-end CNC machining center industry, is the foundation of the modern equipment manufacturing industry. The development of the machining center industry directly determines the development level of a country’s equipment manufacturing industry. Since the interim, due to the constraints of core technology and key components, and weak innovation, the field of heavy equipment manufacturing, especially the high-end machining center market, has been the site of international equipment manufacturing giants. The “Shuanglongmen Mobile Drilling and Boring Compound Processing and Processing Center” was one of the major scientific and technological special topics of the National “High-end CNC Processing Center and Basic Manufacturing Equipment” in 2012.

This project is praised by the industry as an aircraft carrier in the machinery manufacturing and processing industry. It is mainly aimed at the drilling and milling processes of key components such as large marine low-speed diesel engine bases, frames and cylinder blocks. The functions of turning, milling, drilling, grinding, boring and planing integrate a number of key technologies in the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and have achieved breakthrough innovations in the performance and reliability design of the whole machine. As a high-precision and heavy-duty Machining center. The cnc machining center can process giant parts with a length of 26 meters, a width of 6.3 meters, a height of 4 meters, and a weight of thousands of tons. Processing and manufacturing of extra-large equipment.