Application analysis of 5-axis machining center in automotive industry

At present, the design of auto parts requires reverse engineering and trial and error to determine the design plan. The production of processing molds is also a key part of part design, but how can we ensure the accuracy of parts design and processing? This depends on CNC machining. The following is a simple analysis of the relationship between the use of five-axis machining centers in mold processing and the quality of automotive molds.

1. Processing of deep cavity molds

When using a five-axis machining center to process deep and steep cavities, if you want to invent a better process for mold processing, you can pass additional reversal and shaking of the workpiece or the spindle head, which can make the tool length shrink properly and eliminate it. The collision between the common tool shank of the tool and the cavity wall reduces the vibration and destruction of the tool during processing, the service life of the tool is extended, and the appearance quality and efficiency of the mold are also greatly increased.

2. Processing of the mold side wall

The five-axis machining center can be used to process the side walls of the mold. The spindle or the workpiece can be used to make the tool and the side wall of the mold horizontal and straight. When milling the side wall of the mold, a face milling cutter can be used to improve the quality of the workpiece and extend the tool Service life. And the service attitude of the five-axis machining center is good and trustworthy!

3. Processing of flat surfaces of the mold

When machining a flat curved surface of the mold, the five-axis machining center has good quality, so using it to process a flat curved surface can process the workpiece again at the angle of the tool on the workpiece, and can also reduce the workpiece and the ball head The relative speed between the knives reduces the wear between the appliances.

All in all, the five-axis CNC machining is the core part of the five-axis machining center. It is not only widely used in the processing of mold parts in the automotive field, but also with its advantages of high precision in light industry, shipbuilding, aerospace, etc. The range of instrument manufacturing is widely used, and the five-axis machining center technology is also constantly improving.