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Application Of DNC System In CNC Machining Workshop

Application Of DNC System In CNC Machining Workshop


In recent years, with the development of computer technology, communication technology and numerical control technology and the needs of manufacturing automation, DNC technology has been more and more widely used. At present, the concept of enterprise informationization represented by CIMS has received more and more attention. DNC has gradually evolved from a single program transmission to an extended DNC that integrates data management and production information monitoring functions, which has become a key part of MES integration. .

1.Specific problems before CNC machine tools are networked

1.1 The existing CNC systems of the company’s CNC workshop include FANUC 0i series, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS-810D, SIEMENS-840D, HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 and other numerical control systems. The transmission software used by each system is not the same. Programmers and operators bring a lot of inconvenience, which greatly limits the transmission and machining of part programs.

1.2 Program transmission uses desktop computer or notebook single machine one-to-one transmission. Frequent hot plugging during the transmission process is easy to burn out the machine tool or computer interface. The program transmission is 1 to 1 communication transmission. When communicating, one person must operate the machine tool in front of the machine tool, and the other person must operate the transmission software in front of the computer terminal. The two operate alternately.

1.3 Due to the access of the transmission cable, the wires around the CNC equipment are randomly overlapped, and the site environment is messy. At the same time, the computer is stored in the workshop, the environment is harsh, the life of the computer is greatly shortened, and the mess is not conducive to the 6S management of the workshop.

1.4 The NC program has no management authority, and it is easy to make mistakes or omissions. Because the NC machine tools are in production, each piece of equipment has different work in progress at different times. As a result, the process of these advanced equipment can only be performed by workers. Engineers in the control and manufacturing technology department lack an effective process management platform.

1.5 When manually compiling part machining programs, there is no NC programming tool, and G code programs cannot be compared for simulation. Errors can only be found during cutting.

1.6 Because the company’s management department or management system cannot obtain the real-time production status of production equipment in a timely manner, it cannot make scientific production management plans and measures, which greatly affects the company’s production efficiency.

2.NC Workshop Machine Tool Networking Overall Solution

The CIMCO-DNC system uses a SQL relational database management method to manage the NC program and the collected data, so that data query is fast, the access is safe and reliable, and the management process is clear and reasonable. Because it adopts the ODBC connection method and has the SQL standard data structure and interface functions, it can be easily integrated with various database PDM and MES systems.

Because our company’s machine tool interface is two kinds of RS232 and RJ45, the CIMCO machine tool networking system of Beijing Languang Technology Co., Ltd. was selected through investigation.

2.1 Construction of Machine Tool Network for CIMCO System

The entire system is based on the existing three LANs of the Technology Department, using CIMCO system software and network core hardware serial port servers, and using standard network cables to connect to the NC workshop technology group LAN. The CIMCO machine tool networking software is installed on the server in the local area network of the CNC workshop technology group.

2.2 Composition of CIMCO machine tool networking system

The software part of the CIMCO system consists of DNC-Maxion / detail / 2010111211360610543.shtml “> machine tool communication (DNC-Max V5), NC program editing and simulation (CIMCO Edit V5), NC program data management (NC-Base V5) 3 Partial composition.

2.3 Main functions realized by CIMCO machine tool networking system

(1) Through RS232 interface, one server can realize communication management of up to 256 CNC equipments.

(2) Remote control function: The operator can finish sending and receiving programs in front of the machine control panel.

(3) Through remote network configuration and management, client can monitor any communication port.

(4) Multiple send / receive function: it can be easily transmitted from any point, line or tool change point of the program.

(5) Multiple directory list function: The operator can browse the file list corresponding to the machine tool at the machine end, and can directly select the program in the program list, and can directly call without entering a file name.

(6) Provide a comprehensive real-time system and machine tool login function: the system member can check the sending status of the system at any time, and each program transmission will generate a log of success or failure.

(7) Large program segmentation function. Some old systems have limited memory space and cannot hold large programs. Through automatic segment transmission, errors and inconveniences caused by artificial truncation procedures can be eliminated.

(8) Requires support for long file names, full support for 256-bit file names, and automatic conversion of program names and file names.

(9) The intelligent file comparison function can easily mark the data differences, wrong lines, and missing lines of the two files (or different versions), and you can immediately modify them.

(10) The dynamic simulation function of the 3D tool position trajectory can visually, intuitively and efficiently check the hidden errors of the program.

3.NC machining workshop control effect after implementing DNC network control

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(1) After the implementation of networking of CNC machine tools, the look of the workshop has changed, and no wires can be seen on the ground and space.

(2) The authority of parts machining programs is managed. Different personnel have different management rights for different machine tool programs, which has changed the confusion of previous program management.

(3) The life cycle management of the part machining program is implemented, and it is set to three states of editing, debugging and finalizing.

(4) The settings of system functions, such as communication parameters, file paths and other system settings, are all set and reconfigured on the system server, which will not affect the normal operation of the machine tool, and will not affect the accuracy of the machine tool. The system debugging is absolutely safe. ,reliable.

(5) It is easy to manage various information of NC program, such as program number, drawing number, part number, machine tool, user information, etc., and it is possible to perform compound search on the program such as drawing number and part name.

4.Effect of implementation

4.1 A direct connection is established between the management and the underlying CNC manufacturing information. With the DNC system, a unified information chain is formed between the Manufacturing Technology Department and the CNC machine tools in the workshop.

4.2 Achieved unified and centralized management of data. With the DNC system, the NC programs and related information files originally distributed in the manufacturing technology department and NC machine tools are centralized on the DNC server in the network center, which is safe and convenient to manage.

4.3 The data management of the NC program is realized, and the program search is very convenient.

Setting different permissions for different personnel increases the security of the program.

4.4 The program modification, trajectory simulation, and file comparison provided by the program editing section are powerful, simple and practical, which greatly shortens the time of program modification and improves the accuracy of program modification.

4.5 After the standardization of the machining tools, the machining part programs can be interactively applied on the same type of numerical control equipment, which can balance the machining quantity of the equipment and solve some production bottlenecks.
4.6 After CNC networking, technical engineers can quickly monitor, edit, simulate machining inspection, maintenance and archiving of CNC machine tool machining programs at any time (without downtime) through remote system management.


After the networking of CNC machine tools is realized, the CNC workshop changes the original CNC management mode, which greatly improves the communication efficiency of the machine tool, and the program transmission is efficient and accurate, reducing the standby time of the machine tool and the verification time of the program. The programmer prepares the program and transmits it to the server. On numerical control equipment, there is no need to wait for the machine to stop and then transfer the program, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the machine. At the same time, the programmer sends the program prepared on the computer to the DNC server through the local area network. Through the DNC client, the These programs are managed and verified, and then called directly to the machine. The whole process is strict and reliable, which improves the correctness of the program and shortens the standby and verification time.