Application Of Electromagnetic Furnace In Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Application Of Electromagnetic Furnace In Zinc Alloy Die CastingApplication Of Electromagnetic Furnace In Zinc Alloy Die Casting

The electromagnetic furnace uses electromagnetic induction heating technology to melt and reprocess metals (magnesium, aluminum, zinc alloys);

Our company has comprehensively developed and manufactured zinc alloy electromagnetic furnace series products and special accessories; the existing electromagnetic central melting furnace and die casting machine electromagnetic furnace (all die casting machine electromagnetic furnaces can be customized, including Fulai’s dual-chamber dual-temperature furnace) 、Electromagnetic furnace special ductile tongs pot, 316L stainless steel composite tong pot (anti-corrosion, anti-expansion stop without need to beat); product quality can be up to several years without failure, saving money and worry for customers.

Several characteristics of electromagnetic furnace: full safety, energy saving, environmental protection, convenient and stable.


The electromagnetic movement generates 20KHZ-25KHZ alternating current, generates the corresponding alternating magnetic field through the electromagnetic coil, and cuts the metal (clamp pot)

The magnetic field lines generate heat by themselves (non-contact heating), high impedance of the insulation circuit: the equipment is 100% safe for grounding;

The shell of the device has no high temperature and can be touched by hand. The temperature is about 60℃.

Energy saving

The heating effect of electromagnetic heating equipment is about 95%, and the thermal efficiency is 99%;

Save more than 40% compared to fuel oil furnace, up to 60%;

It is about 20% less than the electric furnace, but it is equal to the electric heating tube placed in the forceps.

Each year can save customers more than 30,000.

Environmental protection

The electromagnetic furnace has no combustion and no emissions; it creates a low-temperature environmental protection workshop to provide employees with a clean and comfortable working environment.

Convenient and stable As long as the wire and power supply are in place at the installation site, the equipment technology is very mature, the failure rate is low and the maintenance is simple and convenient.