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Application of NC machining center and furniture production

Application of NC machining center and furniture productionApplication of NC machining center and furniture production

Since the emergence of CNC technology in the middle of the 20th century, CNC machine tools have brought revolutionary changes to the machinery manufacturing industry. CNC machining has the following characteristics: good processing flexibility, high processing accuracy and high productivity, reducing the labor intensity of the operator and improving working conditions, which is conducive to the modernization of production management and the improvement of economic benefits. CNC machine tool is a highly mechanical and electrical integration product, suitable for processing many varieties of small batch parts, parts with complex structure and high precision requirements, parts that need to be frequently modified, expensive key parts that are not allowed to be scrapped, and require precision 。The copied parts need to shorten the production cycle of urgently needed parts and parts that require 100% inspection. CNC machine tools have attracted the world’s attention with their excellent flexible automation performance, excellent and stable precision, and flexible and diversified functions. It has created a precedent for the development of mechanical products to mechatronics. Therefore, CNC technology has become a core technology in advanced manufacturing technology. The characteristics and application scope of CNC machine tools make it an important equipment for the development of national economy and national defense construction.
In recent years, China’s furniture and woodworking machinery industry has achieved rapid development, but in the field of mid-to-high-end products, domestic equipment still lags behind in terms of its variety, quality, reliability, delivery time, pre-sales and after-sales services, and it is still unsatisfactory. Huge market demand. At present, China is in the historical period of transforming and upgrading the traditional furniture industry with high and new technologies and advanced applicable technologies, and using information construction to enhance the competitiveness of China’s furniture manufacturing industry. As a typical key technology for manufacturing and equipment informatization, It is of great significance to carry out application research on middle and high-end furniture and wood product processing equipment.
CNC machine tool is a technology-intensive and highly automated mechatronics device. CNC machining and general machine tool processing have similarities in methods and contents, and the differences are mainly manifested in the control method. In general machine tool processing, the choice of processing steps, machine tool movement sequence, tool path and related cutting amount are all considered and determined by the operator based on personal experience and process regulations, and controlled by manual operation. When processing with CNC machine tools, various operation contents and machine tool actions must be arranged in advance in a prescribed digital form into a program and recorded on the control medium, so as to realize the connection between people and the machine tool. During processing, the digital information on the control medium is input into the control system of the CNC machine tool, and the control system performs calculation and control on the input information. The machine tool is driven by the transmission mechanism to move according to the programmed program, and the required workpiece shape can be automatically processed.
As an application model mainly for processing solid wood, the solid wood five-axis CNC machining center can perform milling, slotting, drilling, tenon and mortise, surface contour milling, engraving and other processing on wooden parts, and conventional processing methods Compared with it, its main advantages are:

  • (1) High degree of automation, one-time clamping can complete most or all of the machining of the workpiece, ensuring the machining accuracy of the workpiece and improving the machining efficiency.
  • (2) The consistency of the processed parts is good and the quality is stable. Due to the high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the CNC machine tool, it is easy to ensure the consistency of the part dimensions and greatly reduce human errors.
  • (3) Strong adaptability to processed parts, high flexibility and good flexibility. CNC machine tools can shorten the product development cycle and provide convenient conditions for new product development and rapid adaptation to market demand changes.

As conventional manufacturing technology has matured in the furniture and wood products industry, as a cutting-edge equipment that combines high technical content and high added value, the five-axis CNC machining center has become a competitive field for many furniture and woodworking machinery manufacturing companies in the world. At present, the technology of solid wood five-axis CNC machining centers is mainly controlled by industrial developed countries represented by Japan, Germany, Italy and the United States.