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Application of unmanned automated production line in automobile production industry

Application of unmanned automated production line in automobile production industry

Application of unmanned automated production line in automobile production industryApplication of unmanned automated production line in automobile production industry

Enter an IO address on the touch screen, and the eight status indicators below show the actual status of the 8-bit unmanned automated production line. In each important workshop renovation process, the flexibility of the facility mechanism has been greatly improved, and multiple vehicles can be manufactured in one workshop. In order to improve the flexibility of the Flatlock assembly plant, the current inspection methods have been carefully examined. . Unmanned automated production line Of course, the above software also provides interfaces with a variety of CAD software.

For example, if you enter 100 (variable on the touch screen), the eight status indicators indicate the actual status of I100.0 to I100.7. Application: The system maintainer wants to check the IO status through the touch screen, but there are too many IOs and it is impossible to make a link for each IO, so this method is needed.

Answer: Let me explain it in detail now:

1: Configure an IO field in the touch screen, and the corresponding PLC data is MW0

2: Configure 8 status indicators, corresponding to PLC variables M8.0 —- M8.7

3: The following program is written in the PLC: LMW0 // Load the channel value, such as 100 SLW3 // Convert it into a 32-bit pointer TMD4 // MD4 storage address value LIB [MD4] // Get the value of IB100 TMB8 // Put the IB100 Assign value to MB8. Note that MW0, MD4, and MB8 should not conflict with your existing program. This program involves pointer addressing, so LAD cannot be used.

4: Download the program, connect to the touch screen, enter 100 in the IO field, and see the change of the indicator and the corresponding situation, right?

I have done verification in PLCSIM to meet your requirements.

Supplementary note: The indirect addressing of pointers cannot be expressed in a ladder diagram, only STL can be used for programming.

Your needs can be achieved with “multivariate”. Create a variable, select “multiple” when setting the address, and associate an index variable. For example, if the variable address is set to IB [index], then define an integer variable index. You can change the index value to make IB [index] index in the screen. To a different address. Define some indicators, the appearance of the indicator changes according to the value of IB [index].

Unmanned automated production line is expected to increase the use of lasers in automotive automation in the future. Unmanned automated production line 1. Independent rainwater system: In this system, the rainwater sensor is directly connected to the wiper lever switch, the wiper motor relay and the wiper motor stop signal.

The charging plate of the unmanned automated production line consists of coils that can generate electromagnetic fields. When the car is parked above the charging plate, the electrical energy will be transmitted from the charging plate to the inductive receiver of the car in the form of alternating current, and then in the voltage converter in the car Convert to DC to charge the car’s battery pack. Automated production line equipment requires the use of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) tools.