Application scope of CNC lathe for inclined bed

The CNC lathe with inclined bed is an all-round precision CNC lathe with high precision, flexibility and durability, generous appearance and strong practicability. It is most suitable for the precision machining of various high-precision, multi-batch and complex-shape parts used in aviation, electronics, clocks and other industries.

Application scope of CNC lathe for inclined bed:

  •  1. Inclined bed CNC lathe is mainly used for the processing of small and medium batches of various types of precision and complex various rotary body parts.
  •  2. Optional hydraulic chuck and tailstock can realize automatic loading and unloading, and the system and functional components can be matched once to realize turning and milling functions.
  •  3. It can meet the processing of the usual inner circle, outer circle, step, cone, sphere, groove, various threads and complex curved surfaces. It can meet the rough and fine processing of various types of high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, heat-resistant alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, cast steel and other materials.
  • 4. Casting adopts tempering to eliminate internal stress. The X and Z axis guides use Taiwan linear guides. The full stroke straightness correction ensures the machine tool movement accuracy and good accuracy retention.
  • 5. The CNC lathe with inclined bed has good reliability, good rigidity, high precision, long life and fast speed. It can reliably and stably complete the rough, fine and fine processing of various difficult materials.
  • 6. The main shaft of the inclined lathe CNC lathe has a short torsion torque and a high spindle speed. The bed is made of high-grade cast iron into a 45 ° / 60 ° inclined bed, which is integrally formed.