Basic requirements for the environment, power supply and temperature conditions of CNC lathes

CNC machining center: basic requirements for the environment, power supply and temperature conditions of CNC lathes

1. Requirements for CNC lathe environment

In order to prevent the CNC lathe from being exposed to direct sunlight and radiation problems, the machine tool must be far away from the vibration source, and the influence of moisture must also be considered. If you can not guarantee to stay away from the vibration source, you must install anti-vibration groove. Do not affect the reliability of the machine tool because of these external factors.

2. Requirements for the power supply of CNC lathes

The general CNC lathe factory installs the machine tool in the processing workshop, relatively speaking the condition is poor, and the power grid fluctuation is also great. Therefore, the establishment of a qualified CNC lathe factory should strictly control the power supply voltage of the CNC lathe. Must be within the allowable range, otherwise the operation of the machine tool will be affected to a certain extent. The fluctuation of the power supply voltage of the CNC lathe should be small, and the temperature should not be lower than 30 degrees (camera).

3. Requirements for the temperature conditions of the CNC lathe environment

The temperature should be below 30 degrees. Excessively high temperatures will reduce the life of control system components and will also increase the development of failures. Of course, there are accessories such as exhaust fans inside the CNC lathe. These accessories can make the temperature change small or constant to maintain the temperature of the electronic components, especially the central processor.

4. Use in strict accordance with instructions

The major CNC lathe factories have set the most suitable parameters for the machine tools. These parameters directly affect the service life and operating efficiency of the machine tools, so they must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions. Do not change these parameters randomly. Do not change the attachment of the machine tool casually, you must consider the matching of the parameters of each link, and consult the relevant professionals to make the preparation when necessary.

It is more important to note that for the use of hydraulic chucks, hydraulic tailstocks, hydraulic tool holders, and hydraulic oil extraction cylinders, the pressure must be strictly controlled within the permitted pressure range, and there cannot be any increase.