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CD pattern screw deposition method

CD pattern screw deposition methodCD pattern screw deposition method

Whether it is in daily life or in industry, there are still a lot of methods we recognize, especially when used in machining. This is even more true. The same is true for cd pattern screw machining. What is the deposition method? Today, the editor of CD pattern machine CNC manufacturer will briefly introduce it.

CD pattern screws are mainly used in digital products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, power banks, computers, and notebooks. CD is the abbreviation of English Code Division, which means “CD”. CD pattern screws are machined, especially the electrolytic plating fasteners before and after acid and alkaline cleaning plating, on the surface of absorbable hydrogen atoms The metal coating is then deposited to trap hydrogen. When tightening the fastener, the hydrogen concentration of the stress towards the part becomes insufficient, resulting in an increase in the strength of the base metal. The pressure exceeds the slight surface cracks and generates special hydrogen activity, and quickly penetrates into the newly formed cracks. This pressure-breakthrough-goes into the loop until the fastener breaks. Usually occurs within the first few hours after the applied stress.

CD grain screws are coated on the surface of fasteners using different deposition methods to aggregate in different ways. Electroplated metal plating cannot be uniformly deposited on the outer periphery of the corner to obtain a thick coating. The editor of CNC CD pattern machine manufacturer introduced that in the thread part of the fastener, the thickest coating, at the thread crest, gradually along the flanks, the thinnest end is attached to the tooth to become thin, and hot-dip galvanized is the opposite. The thicker inner eye corners and the bottom of the coating deposited threads, mechanical plating and hot metal dip with the same tendency of the hot metal dip in the bottom, but the entire surface is smoother and the thickness is much more uniform.

The CD pattern is a precision CD pattern machine that removes the material on the metal surface to obtain a similar effect to the CD pattern disc. The pattern pitch is based on the appearance and size of the product. It is widely recognized in the industry that the CD pattern machining is a relatively high-end surface treatment process for metal surfaces.

The above introduction by the CNC grain machine manufacturer is what is the deposition method in the machining of cd grain screws. We pay more attention to quality and hope that it can help you. If you want to know more about the machining of cd grain screws , You can click on the website page of cd pattern screw machining to browse!