Characteristics Of The Matters Needing Attention In CNC Milling Machine Machining

1. Processing characteristics of CNC milling machine

For the machining steps that are frame-shaped planes or steps with different heights, then the point — linear system CNC milling machine can be used. If the processing part is a curved surface contour, the system of two-coordinate linkage and three-coordinate linkage should be selected according to the geometry of the surface. According to the requirements of parts processing, on the basis of general CNC milling machines, CNC indexing heads or CNC rotary tables can be added. At this time, the system of the machine tool is a four-coordinate CNC system, which can process spiral grooves and blade parts.

2. Size of CNC milling machine

The lifting table CNC milling machine with smaller specifications has a working table width of less than 400mm. It is suitable for the machining of small and medium parts and the contour milling of complex shapes. Larger specifications, such as gantry milling machines, have a working table of more than 500-600mm, which is used to solve the processing needs of large and complex parts.

3. Precision of CNC milling machine

China has formulated precision standards for CNC milling machines, of which CNC vertical milling machines have professional standards for lifting table milling machines. The standard stipulates that the positioning accuracy of its linear motion coordinates is 0.04 / 300mm, the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.025mm, and the milling circle precision is 0.035mm. In fact, the machine tool has a considerable reserve of factory precision, which is about 20% less than the national standard tolerance. Therefore, from the perspective of precision selection, the general CNC milling machine can meet the processing needs of most parts. For parts with high precision requirements, you should consider the selection of precision CNC milling machine.

4. Batch CNC milling machine

For large quantities of items, special milling machines can be used. If it is a small and medium batch and it is often repetitively put into production on a regular basis, it is very suitable to use a CNC milling machine, because the multiplex fixtures and programs prepared in the first batch can be stored for reuse. From a long-term perspective, it is inevitable that milling machines with a high degree of automation will replace ordinary milling machines to reduce labor and increase productivity.