China’s fastener equipment began to move towards localization

As we all know, although my country is a big country producing fasteners, due to backward technology, most of the equipment used to produce fasteners are imported from abroad. However, with the improvement of China’s research and development level, domestic fastener equipment has risen to a certain height. It is expected that by 2020, the production equipment and testing equipment in China’s fastener machining companies will be fully localized to achieve more than 80% .

From the current perspective, the standard parts market of the overall hardware industry in 2013 is still far from what we expected. Under this form, we can see that the screw economy of the entire international market, including the domestic market, is insufficient. Motivation. The ability to influence is also seriously deficient, that is to say, this is the period of time since the economic recovery has the least ability to rebound.

From the analysis report of the second quarter of standard parts, we can see that my country’s overall export volume has been low to a level, and the expected breakthrough has not been achieved, which is very killing. We can look at our own statistics to show that in this quarter, the total output value of standard parts we can achieve is about 73.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of only 0.5%, but this growth rate can be said to be very high compared to last year. Small. And in terms of export volume, we can see a lot of falling data.

According to customs statistics, the total export of screw products of the standard parts industry in foreign trade was US$5.46 billion, showing a huge negative growth, a decrease of -9.1%. The import side of screw products is 3.25 billion US dollars, this data also shows negative growth, and also reached double digits. The export is also very unsatisfactory. Although there has been an increase in production, the year-on-year increase in export screw products is -4%. It can be said that the entire standard parts industry has shown a general downward trend during this quarter.

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