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Choose the right tool change

Choose the right tool changeChoose the right tool change

When it comes to small machining centers, everyone must be very familiar. Its position in the market is increasing day by day, and more and more enterprises are beginning to purchase large-scale processing centers in large quantities. Many businesses attach great importance to the performance of high-speed machining centers. If you want to buy a small-scale machining center with the best effect, you must choose the appropriate tool change method. The tool change analysis from the surface may not have a great impact on small machining centers, but if you understand it in essence, the results may be very different. The method of tool change will greatly affect the use of the machine.

The value of the tool magazine

The tool magazine is the positioning axis of the system, its position is relatively high, and the processing performance is closely related to the tool magazine. The capacity of the tool magazine and the speed during operation are the biggest factors influencing the processing efficiency, and its performance is relatively perfect. Generally, any external factors will not have any impact on her. The main reason for higher processing technology can be exerted. If you choose a tool magazine with good quality and strong driving ability, the accurate positioning of the movement speed and the accurate adjustment of the rotation position during machining are very accurate.

Install the tool, be sure to match the tool number with the tool sleeve

The choice of tool performance is particularly important, but when selecting and installing a tool, it must be noted that the tool number and the tool sleeve correspond to each other. The number of each tool is fixed. When the tool is replaced, the tool number will also change randomly. Before selecting and installing, you must fully compare the tool number with the information of the tool sleeve. If this is not done in place, even if the performance of the tool is strong, the effect will not be very obvious when machining.

Different tools, the tool change method is somewhat different

Different tools will have very different tool changing methods. If it is a tool with a large stem, it needs to be replaced according to a fixed tool change method. If the knives used are small stems, it is relatively easy to perform the replacement, and random knife replacement can be performed.

Through the above description, I believe that everyone should have a full understanding of the tool. The tool is the most important part of a small machining center. When selecting and installing, you must apply the above skills. I believe that after you master the above skills, the working efficiency of the small machining center will be higher.