CNC lathe machining sequence

1. The beginning of CNC lathe machining sequence

Secondly define the sequence number, call up the parts processing coordinate system, processing tools, start the spindle, turn on the coolant and so on. The maximum spindle speed limit defines G50S2000. Set the maximum spindle speed to 2000RPM. This is a very important instruction for CNC lathes. Unless otherwise specified, the CNC system defaults to the G54 coordinate system. Go to reference point command G28U0, in order to prevent collision and / or interference between the tool holder and the workpiece or fixture during the tool change process, an invalid method is to return the machine tool to the machine reference point in the X axis direction and separate the spindle Safe interval.

2. Part of the processing sequence of CNC lathes

The content is a minor part of the entire sequence and consists of multiple blocks. Each program segment is composed of several words, and each word is composed of an address code and several numbers. Rare is the block composed of G command and M command and the coordinate points of each axis, and added the function definition of feed. The F function refers to the function of feed speed. There are two ways to express the feed speed of CNC lathes. One is the feed per revolution, which is expressed in mm / r units, and it is mainly used for turning machining. In contrast to CNC milling machines, the other uses feed per minute, which is expressed in mm / min units. It is mainly used for the milling feed in the turning and milling center.

3. The beginning of the CNC lathe machining sequence

At the beginning of the sequence, the tool holder needs to go to the reference point or the machine tool reference point, for the safety status of the next tool change, at the same time stop the spindle suspension, turn off the coolant, select the suspension or completion sequence and other measures. The reference point return command G28U0 is the reference point for returning to the machine in the X axis direction, and G0Z300.0 is the reference point for returning to the Z axis. The stop command M01 is a selective stop command, and it is invalid only when the device’s select stop switch is turned on; M30 is a sequence completion command. When executed, the coolant, feed, and spindle are all stopped. The numerical control sequence and numerical control equipment are reset and returned to the original form before processing, in preparation for the next program operation and the re-start of numerical control processing.