CNC lathe return to zero, emergency stop, and overtravel relief operation

Numerical control lathes return to zero, emergency stop, release overtravel operation:

1. Under what circumstances the CNC lathe needs to return to zero

  • ① After the machine is turned on;
  • ②After the power failure of the machine tool;
  • ③After pressing the emergency stop button;
  • ④After the machine tool is locked;
  • ⑤ After graphic simulation.

2, how to stop the spindle of CNC lathe

  • (1) After the spindle rotates in the MDI state, press the manual key, the indicator lights, and then press the spindle stop key, or press the RESET key, the spindle stops rotating;
  • (2) After the workpiece processing is completed, the spindle is stopped. You can input M05, M30 or M02 at the end of the program. After the workpiece processing is completed, the spindle will automatically stop. Press the spindle stop key manually or press the RESET key to stop the spindle rotation.

3. How to use the “emergency stop” button

During the operation of the CNC lathe, in a dangerous or emergency situation, press the “Emergency Stop” button, the CNC enters the emergency stop state, and the servo feed and spindle operation stop immediately (the feed drive power in the control cabinet is cut off); Release the “emergency stop” button (left-handed button, jump automatically), the CNC enters the reset state.

Before releasing the emergency stop, you should first confirm whether the cause of the fault has been eliminated, and re-execute the reference point return operation after removing the emergency stop to ensure the correctness of the coordinate position.

The “emergency stop” button should be pressed before starting up and shutting down to reduce the equipment current impact.

4, how to lift the CNC lathe

There is a limit switch at both ends of the servo axis travel, the role is to prevent the servo mechanism from being damaged. Whenever the servo mechanism touches the travel limit switch, overtravel will occur. When an axis overtravel occurs (the indicator in the “overtravel release” button lights), the system regards its status as an emergency stop. If you want to exit the overtravel state, you can do the following:

  • (1) Set the working mode to “manual” or “hand-crank”;
  • (2) Keep pressing the “overtravel release” button (the controller will temporarily ignore the overtravel emergency);
  • (3) In manual (hand crank) mode, make the axis run in the opposite direction and exit the overtravel state;
  • (4) Release the “Overtravel Release” button. If the operation status bar “normal operation” replaces “error” on the display, it means normal operation can be continued.

Note: When operating the machine tool to exit the overtravel state, please pay attention to the moving direction and moving speed to avoid collision.