cnc machining center operation points introduction

cnc machining center operation points introduction

Due to the high technological content of the machining center, the operation is much more complicated than ordinary machine tools, and it must be operated in strict accordance with the operating regulations. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool. In addition, the running speed of the machining center is relatively high, and it is necessary to judge the correctness and operation results of the operation instructions in advance before executing the operation instructions. Then operate again. Try to avoid accidents.

1. Startup before working of cnc machining center

  • 1. Turn on the machine tool power supply and CRT display power supply. Start the machine tool hydraulic system.
  • 2. On the CRT, check whether the machine tool has all kinds of general information and promptly rule out bitter reports. Check whether the machine tool peripherals are normal.
  • 3. Check whether the position of the machine tool change manipulator and the tool magazine is correct.
  • 4. Check whether the coordinates of the machine tool are in a safe position, including that the coordinates must be far from the machine zero point to prevent overshoot when the coordinates return to the reference point and ensure that the tool does not interfere with the workpiece when returning to the reference point.
  • 5. Each coordinate returns to the reference point. Under normal circumstances, the Z coordinate returns to zero first. Move the cutter on the machine tool spindle away from the workpiece and observe whether the coordinates are operating normally.
  • 6. Check whether there is any abnormality in the processing tools on the spindle, manipulator and tool magazine. If the position of the tool in the tool magazine is wrong, the tool is damaged, etc., it should be replaced in time before starting processing.
  • 7. Start the machine to start processing the workpiece.

2. cnc machining center shut down

  • 1. Stop running the machining program and record the current P segment of the machining program executed by the machining center.
  • 2. Move the tool on the spindle away from the workpiece, and if necessary, return the tool caught on the robot to the tool magazine.
  • 3. Move the coordinates of the machine tool away from the machine zero point and to a safe position, so as to prepare for the reference point when the machine is turned on next time.
  • 4. Set the manual feed adjustment and rapid feed adjustment switch to zero position to prevent the machine tool from moving due to misoperation.
  • 5. Cut off the hydraulic pressure and compressed air of the machine tool.
  • 6. Turn off the power supply of the machine tool CRT display.
  • 7. Cut off the total power supply of the machine tool. Make the handover record.

3. Machine tool automatic processing

Machine tool automatic processing is also called memory processing. It is to use the machining program stored in the machining center to make the machine tool process the workpiece continuously. It is the most used operation mode of the machining center. The longer the running time of the machining center in the memory mode, the higher the utilization rate of the machine ball. For the horizontal flexible unit as an example, first select the machining program in the edited state, turn the “working mode selection switch” to the memory mode, retrieve the machining program / (select the starting point of the machining program /) press the “cycle start button” Automatic processing status.