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CNC machining center processing technology system

It can be seen that the CNC machining process is completed in a CNC machining technology system consisting of a CNC machine tool, tool, fixture and upper part. The NC plus program is to control the movement path of the tool relative to the workpiece. Therefore, the unified body composed of internal CNC machine tools, fixtures, tools and workpieces is called CNC processing technology system. Figures 1-11 are the composition of CNC machining technology system and their relationship. The performance of CNC machining technology system will directly affect the machining accuracy and surface quality of parts.

  •  (1 /) CNC machine tools. Machine tools using CNC technology or equipped with a CNC system are called CNC machine tools. CNC machine tool is a kind of machine-integrated processing equipment with relatively high technology intensity and automation degree. It is the main body to realize CNC processing and a working machine for parts processing.
  • (2 /) Fixture. In mechanical manufacturing, the devices used to hold workpieces and guide tools are collectively called fixtures. In the mechanical manufacturing process, the use of fixtures is very extensive. From blank production to product assembly and inspection, there are many types of fixtures that are not rigid. Fixtures are used to fix the workpiece and keep it in the correct position, which is the link to realize the number-based processing.
  • (3 /) cutter. Metal cutting tools are an important tool in modern machining. Whether it is an ordinary machine tool or a CNC machine tool, it must rely on the tool to complete the cutting work. The tool is a bridge to realize CNC machining.
  •  (4 /)] The workpiece and the workpiece are the objects of CNC machining.