CNC screen boring and milling machine screen display alarm how to do

A TK6411A CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, the CNC system is SIEMENSSINUMERIK 802D, in the mold addition, several times in a row after the completion of the execution ~ section of the program z axis exit preparations to continue to execute the next section of the program, the CNC machine suddenly stopped, the screen displays an alarm: 025040 Axis X1 coordinate axis 1% static state monitoring.

Check the 802D diagnosis manual to know: the NC monitors the position maintenance status at rest, the interpolation is completed and the delay time set in the IME of MD36040 STANDSTILLDELAY “starts speed monitoring, and continuously monitors the coordinate axis.

Within the tolerance limits set by MD36030 STANDSTILLJ ~ OS TOI, the delay time set in the machine data MD36040 STANDSTILL ~ DELAY_TIME of the axis is changed from 0.4s to 0 according to the actual processing conditions of the machine tool and the method of clearing the fault. 6s; MD36030 STANDSTII L-POS-TOL set tolerance is modified from the original 0.2ram to 0.4ram. update data.

Use the reset button to delete the alarm, restart the part program and add _L again, the fault no longer occurs. This is a method of troubleshooting by modifying machine parameters