Commissioning Steps Of Vertical Machining Center

The vertical machining center needs to be carefully debugged before leaving the factory or at the installation site, in order to verify whether the machining center is installed firmly, and whether the transmission, operation, control and other systems are normal, sensitive and reliable. Therefore, the debugging steps of the machine tool are very important. Let us look at the debugging steps of the vertical machining center.

  •       1. Lubricate each lubrication point of the vertical machining center according to the requirements of the manual, fill the hydraulic oil tank with the required hydraulic oil, and connect the air source.
  •       2. Power on the vertical machining center, and then supply power to each component separately or complete the power supply after one power-on test. Observe whether each component has an alarm, whether the manual component observation is normal, and whether each safety device is working. All links can be operated and exercised.
  •       3. Grouting. After the initial operation of the vertical machining center, coarsely adjust the geometric accuracy of the machine tool and adjust the relative positions of the main moving parts and the main machine after disassembly and assembly. Align the manipulator, tool magazine, exchange table, and position. After these works are completed, the anchor bolts of the host and each accessory can be filled with quick-drying cement, and the anchor bolts around the ground can be filled with holes.
  •       4. Commissioning. Prepare various inspection tools, such as precision spirit level, standard square ruler, parallel square tube, etc.
  •       5. Fine-adjust the level of the machine tool so that the geometric accuracy of the vertical machining center is within the allowable error range. The multi-point pad support is used to adjust the bed level in a free state to ensure the stability of the bed after adjustment.
  •       6. Use manual operation to adjust the position of the manipulator relative to the main shaft, and use the adjusting mandrel. When installing the maximum weight tool holder, it is necessary to perform automatic exchange of the tool magazine to the spindle position multiple times to ensure accuracy and no impact.
  •       7. Move the worktable of the vertical machining center to the exchange position, adjust the relative position of the pallet station and the exchange worktable, to achieve a smooth automatic exchange of the worktable, and install the maximum load of the worktable for multiple exchanges.
  •       8. Check whether the setting parameters of the numerical control system and programmable controller PLC device meet the specified data in the random data, and then test the main operating functions, safety measures, and implementation of common instructions.