Common functions and advantages of tool setting instrument in CNC lathe

In the process of manufacturing product parts by CNC lathes, there are many factors that affect the quality of parts, such as the accuracy of CNC machine tools, workpiece materials, workpiece heat treatment, processing technology, cooling fluids, cutting tools, and many other factors. Among them, the accurate setting of tool parameters has been rarely concerned and valued by everyone for a long time. Today I will introduce the common functional advantages of the tool setting instrument for CNC lathes.

  • 1. Automatic measurement and parameter update of tool length / diameter: the tool performs dynamic measurement of length / diameter during rotation. The measurement parameters include the end-to-end / radial run-out errors of the lathe spindle, thus obtaining the tool’s high-speed machining “Dynamic” offset value; at the same time, automatic measurement of tool parameters can be performed at any time, which greatly eliminates the “change” of tool parameters caused by thermal deformation of the machine tool; the measurement results are automatically updated to the corresponding tool parameter table, completely Avoid potential risks caused by manual tool setting and parameter input.
  • 2. Automatic monitoring of tool wear / breakage: In the actual production process, when the tool wears or breaks (breaks), it is difficult for the operator to find and correct in time (especially drill tools with a small diameter), resulting in more Subsequent tool losses and even scrapped workpieces. The in-machine tool setting instrument can automatically measure the tool length once the tool is finished and before it is returned to the tool magazine. If normal wear occurs, the wear value can be automatically updated to the tool damage parameters. If excessive wear occurs, it can be used as The tool is damaged (broken) to choose a new tool for the next workpiece processing or the automatic shutdown alarm prompts the operator to change the tool. This improves product quality and reduces tool wear or scrap rate.
  • 3. Automatic compensation of thermal deformation of CNC lathes: When the machine tool is in production and processing, with the change of the surrounding temperature and the change of working load, the thermal deformation of the machine tool is occurring at any time and the tool changes. The result is the same machine in the workshop The dimensional accuracy of the products processed by CNC lathes at different times in the morning / middle / night fluctuates greatly. After using the in-machine tool setting instrument, the tool parameters can be automatically measured and updated at any time before or during the process. Each measurement is a tool setting under the state of thermal deformation of the current machine tool, which greatly reduces the Error due to thermal deformation of the machine tool.
  • 4. Contour measurement and monitoring: In special processing, such as forming knives, it is a time-consuming and complicated task to measure the contour of the tool and judge the state of the tool using an external tool setting tool. At the same time, the tool setting skills of the operator are also very good. High demands.