Connection and debugging of CNC system of CNC lathe

CNC machining center: connection and commissioning of CNC systems for CNC lathes

1. Unpacking inspection of CNC system

Whether it is a single-purchase CNC system or a CNC system purchased with a CNC lathe, it should be carefully checked after the goods are unpacked. The inspection includes the system body and its associated feed speed control unit and servo motor, spindle control unit and spindle motor.

2. Connection of external cables

The external cable connection is the connection between the index control device and the external MDI / CRT unit, strong electric cabinet, machine tool operation panel, feed servo motor power line and feedback line, spindle motor power line and feedback signal line, and manual pulse generator, etc. Connection. These should conform to the provisions of the supplied connection manual. Finally, a ground connection should be made.

3. Connection of CNC system power cord

The input cable on the primary side of the power transformer of the CNC cabinet should be connected with the power switch of the CNC cabinet cut off.

4. Confirmation of settings

There are many set points on the printed circuit board in the numerical control system of the CNC lathe, which are short-circuited with jumper wires, which need to be set appropriately to meet the different requirements of various types of machine tools.

5. Confirmation of input power voltage, frequency and phase sequence

There are DC stabilized power supplies in various CNC systems of CNC lathes, which provide the required + 5V, ± 5V, + 24V and other DC voltages for the system. Therefore, before the system is powered on, you should check whether the load of these power supplies is shorted to ground. Can be confirmed with a multimeter.

6. Confirm whether the voltage output terminal of the DC power supply unit is short-circuited to ground

7. Turn on the power of the CNC cabinet and check the output voltage

Before turning on the power, in order to ensure safety, you can first disconnect the motor power line. After turning on the power, first check whether each fan in the CNC cabinet rotates to confirm whether the power has been turned on.

8. Confirm the parameter settings in the CNC system

9. Confirm the interface between the CNC system and the machine tool

After completing the above steps, it can be considered that the CNC system has been adjusted and has the conditions for online power-on test with the CNC lathe. At this time, you can cut off the power supply of the CNC system, connect the power line of the motor, and restore the alarm setting.