Direct Tool Change Of Machining Center

The direct tool change method of the machining center means that the tool change process is completed by the tool magazine and the spindle box. This is the most direct method of tool change. According to whether the tool magazine of the machining center shifts during the tool change process, the direct tool change method can be divided into two types: the tool magazine shift method and the tool magazine fixing method. Under the tool magazine switching method, the tool magazine can be moved.

Before the tool change, the tool magazine enters the tool change work area, and the tool replaces and exits the tool area. This type of tool change in the machining center is due to the movement of the tool magazine, the layout is more delicate, and the flexibility and adaptability are poor.

In the tool magazine fixing method of the machining center, the tool selection is mainly implemented through the movement of the spindle box. The magazine can be fixed or simply rotated into place. The former can only be used for sequential tool selection, suitable for machining centers with a small number of tools, and the latter can complete index selection. This type of tool selection reduces the movement of the tool magazine, which greatly simplifies the planning of the tool magazine of the machining center and makes the operation of the tool replacement process simple and reliable.