Domestic machining centers are facing severe tests at this stage

As we all know, the processing centers produced by independent research and development are slightly inferior to the domestic advanced processing centers compared to the domestic advanced processing centers. No matter in terms of technology, service, design, performance and reliability, they cannot be compared with the foreign advanced processing centers It can be seen that the domestic machining center is in a low-priority stage, but I believe that in the near future, China’s CNC machine tool technology can surpass the current level of international first-line CNC machine tools. At this stage, China is facing severe tests on CNC machine tools, especially the machining center. The machining center is the most widely used machining equipment at this stage, so China attaches great importance to the machining center machine tool. The following is a brief introduction to what kind of severe test the domestic processing center will face at this stage.

       Since China started relatively late in the CNC machine tool industry, it is only a few decades, so it is not mature enough in terms of technology. While foreign CNC machine tools have been developed for decades or even hundreds of years, it can be seen that foreign countries have strong experience in CNC machine tools, and China is not as good as CNC machine tools in advanced countries in terms of CNC machine tool technology. The machining center belongs to the machine tool technology-intensive machine tool, so the development of the machining center requires the input of various technical talents. At present, the international first-level processing centers are showing a trend of specialization, high speed and precision. Domestic-made processing centers want to fight against the international first-level processing centers. They must surpass the international first-level processing centers in technology. And only when we reach a new level, can we compete with the world-class machining center.

       As mentioned above, China is facing a severe test in CNC machine tool technology, so we are working together to make domestic CNC machine tools, hoping that domestic CNC machine tools can compete with international front-line CNC machine tools and go abroad to the world.