Failure and maintenance of hydraulic system

The hydraulic transmission system occupies a very important position in CNC machine tools. The automatic tool change system (ATC) of the machining center, the automatic pallet exchange system, the balance of the spindle box, the gear shift of the spindle box and the clamping of the rotary table are generally all Adopt hydraulic system to realize. It can be seen from Figure 8-12 that it drives and controls the object.

The hydraulic equipment of the machine tool is a unified body composed of machinery, hydraulic pressure, electrical and instrumentation. Before analyzing the failure of the system, the transmission principle and structural characteristics of the entire hydraulic system must be clarified. So much so that a component. The work of the hydraulic system is always achieved by the pressure, flow, and flow direction. The cause of the fault can be found according to these characteristics and eliminated in time.

There are three main reasons for the failure: one is imperfect design or unreasonable; the other is incorrect operation and installation, which causes parts and components to operate abnormally; the third is improper use, maintenance and maintenance. The former fault must be fully analyzed and researched, then modified and perfected. The latter two faults can be solved by repairing and adjusting.