Failure Repair of Machining Center Can’t Gear

Malfunction phenomenon of the machining center: After the gearbox shifting instruction is issued, the spindle is in a state of rocking back and forth at a slow speed, and the gear has not been engaged.

Analysis and processing process: In order to ensure that the sliding gear moves smoothly into the correct position, after the machine tool receives the shift command, the main motor is instructed in the electrical design to drive the main shaft to swing back and forth at a slow speed.

At this time, if the solenoid valve fails (valve spool hole or electromagnet fails), the oil circuit cannot be switched, the hydraulic cylinder does not operate, or the hydraulic cylinder operates, the non-contact switch that sends the feedback signal fails, and the slip gear shifts into place If the feedback signal cannot be sent out afterwards, it will cause the interruption of the machine’s cycle action.

After replacing a new hydraulic valve or a failed contactless switch, the fault is eliminated.