FANUC machining center CRT display 414 # alarm

FANUC machining center CRT displays 414 # alarm. The alarm message is:




At the same time, the LED alarm display code of the servo drive unit lights up [8].

Fault analysis and processing can be seen by looking at the FANUC O system maintenance manual: 414 # alarm is “X axis servo system is abnormal. When the error information is output to DGN0720, the servo system alarms.”

According to the content of the alarm display, use the machine self-diagnosis function to check the information on the machine parameter DGN072, and find that the fourth bit is “1”, but under normal circumstances, this bit should be “0”.

Now the bit is changed from “0” to “1”, it is abnormal current alarm, and the servo drive unit LED alarm display code is [8], it also indicates that the servo axis overcurrent alarm. Check the servo drive module. The impedance of the power input terminal measured with a multimeter is only 6Ω, which is lower than the normal value, so it can be judged that the axis servo drive unit module is damaged. Normal after replacement.