FANUC Spindle Drive System Fault Diagnosis And Maintenance

The spindle drive system produced by FANUC can be divided into two categories: DC spindle drive system and AC spindle drive system.

DC spindle drive systems are usually used on CNC machine tools before the 1980s, and are mostly used in conjunction with FANUC 5, 6, and 7 systems. This type of machine tool has generally been in a period of failure because of its long use time. However, since the price of CNC machine tools was usually relatively expensive, it was a large, precision, and key equipment among users. Maintenance and maintenance are usually better, so It is more common in enterprises to continue to use it, and more are encountered during maintenance.

In terms of AC spindle drive systems, FANUC, as one of the earliest manufacturers of AC spindle drive systems in the world, has produced a series of AC spindle drive system products since the AC spindle system was successfully developed in 1980. As a common product in CNC machine tool maintenance, there are mainly the following:

  • 1) A06B—10 ** (AC Model 1-40) series AC spindle motor and A06B-6044 series AC spindle drive are the analog AC spindle drive system series products. This series of spindle drive system is a common product of FANUC in the early 1980s. The main supporting systems are FANUCll, FANUC0, FANUC 6 and so on. The main circuit of the driver of this series adopts PWM control and high-power transistor-driven type, and the output power range is 1.5 ~ 37kW. The drive uses microprocessor digital control technology, with speed, direction, start-stop control signal interface and D / A converter, actual speed / torque signal output, electric spindle directional accurate stop (additional function) and other functions. The driver has good response characteristics, works smoothly in the entire speed range, and has low vibration and noise. Among them, the driver above 5.5kW adopts feedback braking technology, which can effectively save energy. The fully enclosed structure of the spindle motor, the silicon steel sheet is directly air-cooled, has a compact structure, and can work safely and reliably in the occasion of floating dust and cutting fluid splashing.
  • 2) A06B-10 “(ACModell-40) series AC spindle motor and A06-6055 series digital AC spindle drive are composed of digital AC spindle drive system products. The spindle motor and analog AC spindle used in this series of products The system is the same, but the drive is digital. The drive system has a large improvement in thread tapping, positioning rigidity, speed and operating performance, and the remaining performance is similar to the analog AC spindle system.
  • 3) A series of AC spindle drive systems consisting of A06B-07 ** series AC spindle motors and A06-6059 series digital AC spindle drives. This series of spindle drive system is an improved AC spindle product developed by FANUC in the mid-1980s. The main supporting systems are FANUCll, FANUC0, FANUCl5, etc. This series of products can be divided into S series (standard type), P series (wide area constant power speed regulation), H series (high speed grease), VH series (high speed oil mist lubrication), HV series (high voltage input), etc. Series. The products are generally used in conjunction with the A06-6059 series of digital AC spindle drives. Among them, the S series are commonly used products and are most widely used on CNC machine tools.
    The main motor of this series of products adopts the cooling mode of direct cooling of the electromagnetic core stator. Compared with the early spindle drive system, the output power and speed are increased, and the volume and weight of the system are reduced. Electronic components further improve the performance of the system. The drive system has strong functions and good reliability, and has been widely used in CNC machine tools. It is one of the common spindle drive systems in the maintenance process of CNC machine tools.
  • 4) FANUC α / ai series spindle drive system is the latest product of FANUC Company. Among them, αi series spindle drive system is the latest CNC machine tool spindle drive system series product developed at the beginning of the century and is an improved type of α series.
    The α / αi series products include standard α / αi series, wide area constant power output type αP / αPi series, economical αC / αCi series, hollow type (αT / αTi series, forced cooling type αL / αLi series, high voltage input Type α (HV) / α (HV) i series, high voltage input wide area constant power output type αP (HV) / αP (HV) i series, high voltage input hollow type αT (HV) / αT (HV) i series , High voltage input forced cooling type αL (HV) / αL (HV) i series and other products. Among them, the maximum output speed of αLi series is 20000r / min, and the maximum rated output power of α (HV) i series can reach 100kW, which can The spindle requirements of most CNC machine tools.

The main features of this series of products are as follows:

  • ① Through the winding conversion function, the high-speed output range is further increased, and the acceleration / deceleration time is shortened. For the αPi series, the constant power output range is expanded by 1.5 times than the α series.
  • ②The latest direct stator cooling method is adopted, which further reduces the size of the motor and improves the output power and torque.
  • ③Through precise aluminum alloy rotor and strict dynamic balance, the vibration level of the motor reaches V3 level at high speed.
  • ④You can choose different exhaust air directions to reduce the thermal deformation of the machine tool as much as possible. At the same time, through the optimal cooling channel design, the cooling performance is further improved.
  • ⑤According to different requirements, the main motor can choose two different types of built-in position / speed measuring devices. Namely: Mi type encoder with A / B two-phase output and Mzi type encoder with A / B two-phase output and zero pulse output to meet the requirements of different users.

Compared with α series, the main performance of αi series products has been improved in the following two aspects:

  • ①Through the use of high-speed windings, the output power of the high-speed area is increased, and the problem of the output power of the α series falling in the high-speed area (8000-12000r / min) is solved.
  • ②The rated speed of the wide area constant power output type (αPi series) motor is reduced from 750r / min to 500r / min, which expands the constant power speed regulation range by 1.5 times (from 1: 10.6 to 1:16).

FANUC α / αi series digital spindle drive system (drive model is A06-6078 / 6072 series) is generally used with FANUC 0C, FANUC l5, FANUC l6 / 18/20 and other series CNC systems.