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Features Of High Precision Lathe

Features Of High Precision LatheFeatures Of High Precision Lathe
  • ◆ Spindle design with super high precision double row roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings (P4)
  • ◆ Electric spindle with superior rigidity, output and characteristics
  • ◆ The rigidity and cooling effect of the spindle are extremely improved, and high-efficiency machining at high torque and high speed is realized.
  • ◆ High-speed non-lifting turret, high-speed servo rotation and indexing, indexing time 0.2s
  • ◆ Fast forward speed at this level: 30m / min on X axis, 36m / min on Z axis
  • ◆ Fast moving speed of 36m / min can greatly improve the auxiliary time and improve the work efficiency
  • ◆ Using energy-saving hydraulic unit and automatic shut-off of internal lighting to reduce the overall standby power of the machine tool
  • ◆ Integrate the automatic loading and unloading unit with the machine, greatly reducing the footprint
  • ◆ Equipped with an upgraded version of Siemens 828D CNC system, 10.4 ″ display provides good operating performance