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Features of practical linear rail machining center

  • ◆ The linear guide rail has zero clearance characteristics, which is used for arc cutting, bevel cutting, etc., and the surface texture of the processing effect is more uniform.
  • ◆ Suitable for high-speed operation, and greatly reduce the driving horsepower of the machine tool.
  • ◆ The linear guide rail replaces the traditional sliding technology with rolling, which has the characteristics of small friction resistance and sensitive reverse movement.
  • ◆ It has a strong bearing capacity in both vertical and horizontal directions, and under load, the rail contact surface is multi-point contact.
  • ◆ Stable movement to ensure cutting accuracy, easy assembly, good interchangeability, and its lubrication mechanism, simple structure and easy to use and maintain.
  • ◆ The high rigidity of the wire gauge makes it less wear and long life in use, and is suitable for the processing environment configured in the high-speed feed system.
  • ◆ The three-axis motor is directly connected to the precision high-speed ball screw, which improves the transmission rigidity and precision.
  • ◆ The three-axis adopts linear slide rail, which has the characteristics of high rigidity, low noise, low wear, etc. It can be quickly displaced and obtain the best loop accuracy.
  • ◆ The main ring cooling system has 4 water spray nozzles, which are distributed around the main axis, so that the tool and the workpiece can get the best cooling effect and improve the processing quality.
  • ◆ The Z axis adopts a motor brake system, which can maintain high balance and sensitivity during rapid positioning to ensure processing accuracy (optional).
  • ◆ The direct-coupled spindle does not have the vibration and noise problems caused by the belt drive (optional).