Five reasons why inclined bed CNC lathes are more popular with users

1. The CNC lathe with inclined bed has a highly rigid structural design

The CNC lathes with inclined bed are mostly designed in a box structure. The guide rails on the bed are slanted. They have good rigidity and shock absorption, and can ensure high-precision cutting.

2. the high-performance spindle of the inclined bed CNC lathe

Inclined bed CNC lathes generally use imported precision high-speed spindle bearing sets, and apply appropriate early warning stress, with the best span support and spindle box.

3. High-rigidity turret for CNC lathes with inclined bed

Slant bed CNC lathes are mostly equipped with rigid hydraulic turrets, which have a large axial pulling force, ensuring that the CNC lathe of the slant bed has the repeated positioning accuracy of the cutter head.

4. High-precision drive system

Inclined bed CNC lathes have high-precision ball screws and linear rolling guide rails, with high transmission efficiency, good accuracy and accurate positioning accuracy.

5. Fully enclosed protective design of CNC lathe for inclined bed

Slant bed CNC lathe adopts fully enclosed protection to completely avoid the leakage of iron filings and coolant. The mechanism automatically diagnoses and warns, which can ensure that the machine tool works continuously without stopping, suitable for 24-hour production line production.