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Gear Precision Machining Machine Introduction

Gear Precision Machining Machine IntroductionGear Precision Machining Machine Introduction

Gear machining machine tools refer to machine tools and auxiliary equipment that use gear cutting tools to process gear tooth surfaces or rack tooth surfaces. Gear machine tools are divided into two categories according to the machining principle, the profiling method and the Fan Cheng method (or the development method). The profiling method uses the shape of the cutting edge of the cutter to ensure the accuracy of the tooth profile of the gear, and uses a single tooth to ensure the uniform tooth division. Fan Chengfa is processed according to the principle of gear meshing. The imaginary tool is the tooth shape of the gear. When cutting the processed gear, it looks like a pair of gear meshing transmission. The processed gear is formed by Fan Cheng in a process similar to meshing transmission.
Fan Chengfa has With high machining accuracy, low roughness value and high productivity, it has been widely used.

1.Fan Cheng method is divided into:

(1) Gear shaper: Straight toothed cylindrical gears that are mostly used for rough and fine machining internal and external meshing, especially suitable for double and multiple gears. When special equipment is installed on the machine tool, helical cylindrical gears and racks can be processed.
(2) Gear hobbing machine: It can process cylindrical spur gear, helical gear, worm gear and spline shaft.
(3) Shaving machine: According to the principle of helical gear meshing, a razor is used to drive the workpiece (or the workpiece drives the cutter) to rotate and cut the gear remachining machine tool of the cylindrical gear tooth surface.
(4) Gear planer: for external meshing straight bevel gear machining.
(5) Gear milling machine: It is used to process the bevel gear and hyperbolic bevel gear for orthogonal and non-orthogonal (the axis intersection angle is not equal to 90 °).
(6) Gear grinding machine: used for re-machining of various high-precision gears after heat treatment.
In addition, spline and spline shaft milling machines also belong to the category of gear machining machine tools, and gear machining auxiliary machines are no longer described.

2. Inspection Standard

Gear machining machine tools mainly adopt national standards and industry standards, and individual products still have enterprise standards. National standards are equivalent to current international standards or industrial advanced national standards, and there are more than 50 related standards. All products have quality grading standards, and export products must not be lower than first-class products. The main professional standards of the host are: GB4686-84 “Gear shaper accuracy”, JB / T3193-92 “Gear shaper technical conditions”, JB / T54458-94 “Gear shaper product quality classification”, GB9059-88 “Precision inserter Gear machine accuracy “, ZBnJ56006-88” Technical conditions for manufacturing and acceptance of precision gear shapers “, JB5571-91” Accuracy of rack gear shapers “, JB / T6343-92” Technical conditions for rack gear shapers “, JB / T6606 -93 “Technical Conditions of High-speed Gear Shaper”, JB / T6342-92 “Technical Conditions of CNC Gear Shaper”, GB8064-98 “Accuracy of Gear Hobbing Machine”, JB / T6344-92 “Technical Conditions of Gear Hobbing Machine”, JB / T54468-94 ” Hobbing machine product classification regulations “, JB5569-91” Precision hobbing machine accuracy “, JB / T54505-94” Precision hobbing machine quality grading regulations “, JB / T6345-92” Heavy duty hobbing machine technical conditions “, JB / T5570-91” Horizontal type Gear hobbing machine accuracy “, JB / T6346-92” Horizontal hobbing machine technical conditions “, ZBJ56005.2-88, JB / T6597-93” Small modulus gear hobbing machine accuracy “, ZBJ56005.3-88” Small modulus gear hobbing machine manufacturing acceptance Technical Requirements “, JB / T4177-93” Technical Conditions of Straight Bevel Gear Gear Planer “, JB4176-86” Straight Bevel Gear Gear planer accuracy “, JB / T54457-94” Straight bevel gear gear planer product quality classification “, JB6095-92” Straight gear drawing machine accuracy “, JB / T54011-93″ Straight bevel gear drawing machine ” Technical Conditions “, JB2267-86” Accuracy of Spiral Bevel Gear Milling Machine “, JB / T3192-93” Technical Conditions of Spiral Bevel Gear Milling Machine “, JB / T54450-94” Quality Analysis of Spiral Bevel Gear Milling Machine Etc. “, JB / T3732-94” Shaving Machine Precision “, JB / T3865-92” Technical Conditions of Shaving Machine “, JB / T5451-94” Quality Rating of Shaving Machine “, JB3953-85” Spiral Bevel Gear Gear grinding machine accuracy “, JB / T3954-96” Technical conditions of arc bevel gear gear grinding machine “, JB3988-85” Butterfly wheel gear grinding machine accuracy “, JB3991-85” Conical grinding wheel gear grinding machine accuracy “, JB3993 -85 “Accuracy of Worm Grinding Wheel Gear Grinder”, JB3990-85 “Accuracy of Shaped Grinding Wheel Gear Grinder”, JB3992-85 “Accuracy of Large Plane Grinding Wheel Gear Grinder”, JBn3989-85 “Manufacture and Acceptance of Involute Cylindrical Gear Grinders” “Technical requirements”, ZBJ56007-88 “Accuracy of gear angle guide”, JB / T6347-92 “Technical conditions of gear angle guide” and so on.

3. Inspection items

In addition to inspections in accordance with relevant standards and product technical requirements during inspections, precision and performance inspections are mainly performed. The accuracy and inspection items of various types of gear machining machine tools are more than 10 items.
(1) Geometric accuracy: including the accuracy of the main shaft (mandrel) and the table for the workpiece, the accuracy of the main shaft (mandrel) and the tool holder for the tool, and the correlation and mutuality between the two. Position accuracy.
(2) Transmission accuracy: Including long period error and short period error.
(3) Working accuracy: It refers to the inspection items for measuring the processed parts, including the deviation of the circumferential section, the cumulative error of the circumferential section, the tooth direction error, and the roughness of the tooth surface.
For accuracy inspection, refer to JB2670-82 “General rules for accuracy inspection of metal cutting machine tools”.

4. Main production plants and export to countries and regions

At present, the main manufacturers of export gear machining machine tools are: Tianjin First Machine Tool Factory, Chongqing Machine Tool Factory, Qinchuan Machine Tool Factory, Nanjing Machine Tool Factory, Nanjing Second Machine Tool Factory, Shanghai First Machine Tool Factory, etc., and their products are mainly sold to the United States , Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East and Europe and more than 30 countries and regions.

5. Packaging, storage and transportation

Gear machining machine tools are mostly packed in wooden boxes. When manufacturing wooden boxes, manufacturers of wooden boxes are based on GB7284-98 “Frame Wooden Box”, GB / T13384-92 “General Technical Conditions for Packaging of Mechanical and Electrical Products” and related standards. The above standards make specific provisions on the materials, structure, and moisture content of packaging boxes. In the case of packaging box inspection and sampling, you must also refer to SN / T0275-93 “Rules for Inspection of Wooden Boxes for the Packaging of Export Commodities”. Machine tools inside the box should be effectively fixed and cushioned, and their electrical appliances and processed unpainted surfaces should be rust-proof and moisture-proof. The rust-proof period is two years. During storage and staying in port, machine tool products should be kept in the warehouse, and temporarily stored in the open air should be raised and covered with a cover to prevent rain and water flooding. The signs of the center of gravity of the box, rain protection, do not invert, and put it lightly should be complete to ensure that the product is intact and safely arrived at the destination during transportation.

6. Precautions for production and order

Foreign trade operating departments and production units must strictly control according to the Commodity Inspection Law and relevant regulations. Metal cutting machine tools have implemented an export product quality permit system, and products that have not obtained an export product quality permit are not allowed to be exported. In addition to specifying general requirements when ordering, there must be clear rules for machine tool parameters, metric and inch systems, power supply, voltage and frequency, random accessories, and machine color.