General Steps For Selecting A CNC Lathe

In the field of mechanical processing, CNC lathes have become a huge family group after decades of development. How to select the applicable one from various types of CNC lathes with various types and functions is a comprehensive technical problem. With reference to the four steps described in this article, the selection of CNC lathes can easily get rid of the difficulty of selection. In the ocean of various CNC lathes, it is easy to pick out high-quality and low-cost CNC lathes.

1. Make preparations for early claims

Before choosing a CNC lathe, the demands must be clear and clear. The functions of the CNC lathe should be determined by the process requirements of the typical parts to be processed and the size of the processing capacity. This step is the prerequisite for the rational selection of the CNC lathe.

2. Carefully select accessories and knives

The good reputation of the CNC lathe service will carefully consider the importance of machine tool accessories and tools for the CNC lathes that have been put into production, and then rely on the stable supply capacity to provide random accessories spare parts and tools with a high degree of matching to the CNC lathe body. Play even more in production.

3. Maintain the identity of the subject and the system

It is worth noting that when selecting the main body of the lathe, the control system of the same manufacturer should be selected. Only when the main body of the lathe as the hardware and the control system of the software are kept at the same height, can the lathe run more smoothly and be maintained and repaired later. Work can also bring a lot of convenience.

4. Make cost-effective choices

In the selection of CNC lathes, we must learn to calculate carefully. We should comprehensively analyze the performance and price ratio on the basis of satisfying the control type performance and function selection, so that the functional accuracy is not idle and not wasted. Choose a cost-effective CNC lathe to do cost control before putting it into production. .

In general, how to choose the applicable CNC lathe is a profound knowledge. The four steps in the selection process described in this article can be used as a reference. In the actual purchase, more comprehensive considerations are required in conjunction with factors such as demand planning. Analyze and answer the question of what kind of good CNC lathe can realize the many benefits brought by the good quality of CNC lathe.