High Strength PEEK Application Fields

High Strength PEEK Application FieldsHigh Strength PEEK Application Fields

Polyetheretherketone (peek resin) is a high-temperature thermoplastic with a high glass transition temperature (143 ° C) and melting point (334 ° C). The heat-transformation temperature under load is as high as 316 ° C (30% glass fiber). Or carbon fiber reinforced trademark), can be used at 250 ℃ for a long time, compared with other high temperature resistant plastics such as pi, pps, ptfe, ppo, etc., the use temperature exceeds the upper limit by more than 50 ℃; Excellent, and has high strength, high modulus, high fracture toughness and good dimensional invariability; peek resin can maintain high strength at high temperature, its twisting strength at 200 ℃ reaches 24mpa, and it twists and turns at 250 ℃ The strength and shrinkage strength are still 12 ~ 13mpa; the stiffness of peek resin is relatively large, the dimensional invariance is good, the linear expansion coefficient is small, and it is very close to that of aluminum metal; it has excellent chemical resistance, Among the chemicals, only concentrated sulfuric acid can ablate or pulverize it. Its corrosion resistance is similar to that of nickel steel. At the same time, it has flame retardancy and releases smoke and toxic gases under the premise of flame. , Strong anti-radiation ability; Peek resin has good toughness and good resistance to alternating stress. It is the most outstanding among all plastics and can be compared with alloy materials. Peek resin has convex tribological characteristics, resistance to sliding wear and The fretting wear performance is excellent, especially it can maintain high abrasion resistance and low friction coefficient at 250 ° C; peek resin is easy to extrude and injection molding, and has excellent peek machining performance and high molding efficiency. In addition, peek also has excellent functions such as good self-lubricity, easy machining, constant insulation, and hydrolysis resistance, which makes it widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronics, electrical, medical, and food machining, and opens up manipulation. The prospect is very broad and unrestrained.

In aviation and aerospace, peek resin can replace aluminum and other metal materials to manufacture various types of aircraft parts, manipulate its excellent flame retardant performance, and can be used to manufacture internal parts of the aircraft to reduce the risk of fire in the aircraft.

In terms of electronics, peek resin has good electrical performance and is an ambitious electrical insulator. It can still maintain excellent electrical insulation under the premise of high temperature, high pressure, and high humidity working conditions. In the field of electronics, it has gradually become the second largest use category of peek resin. Because peek resin itself is very pure, mechanical and chemical functions remain the same, which reduces pollution during silicon wafer machining. Peek resin does not deform in a large temperature range, and the parts constructed with it can withstand the high temperature environment of heat welding. According to this feature, in the semiconductor industry, peek resin is often used to manufacture wafer carriers, electronic insulating films and various connection devices. Others can also be used for wafer carriers, insulating films, connectors, and printed circuits. Board, high temperature connector, etc. In addition, peek resin can also be used in μg / l ultra-pure water transportation and storage equipment, such as pipes, valves, pumps and volumetric devices. At the moment, the production of large-scale integrated circuits in Japan and other countries is already using peek resin materials.

In terms of medical treatment, in addition to producing sterilization-requiring surgical and dental equipment and building some compact medical instruments, peek resin is the most important use of artificial bone that can replace metal. In addition to the advantages of light weight, non-toxicity, and strong corrosion resistance, artificial bone constructed with peek resin is also the closest plastic material to human bones and can be organically linked to the body. Therefore, peek resin is used instead of metal. Human skeleton is one of its most important uses in the medical field, with far-reaching significance and value, and its potential utilization prospects will be very gratifying.

In terms of combustion source power, peek resin has high temperature resistance, does not easily hydrolyze, and is also resistant to radiation, so wire and cable coil bobbins built with it have been successfully used in nuclear power plants.

In the oil exploration and extraction industry, it can be used to make special geometric probes that are accessed by mining machinery.

In the mechanical industry, peek resin is often used to build compactor valves, piston rings, seals, and various types of chemical pump bodies and valve components. The use of this resin instead of stainless steel to construct the impeller of the vortex pump can lower the wear and tear of the water safely and quietly and delay its service life. In addition, because peek resin is suitable for the specifications of pipe group workpiece materials, it can still be bonded with various adhesives at high temperatures, so modern connectors will be another potential market for its use.

In the automotive and other industries, the outstanding anti-friction and mechanical performance of peek resin can be used as a substitute for metal stainless steel and titanium for the manufacture of engine inner covers, automotive bearings, gaskets, seals, diffuser ring gears, etc. Various types of components can also be used in the transmission, braking and air conditioning systems of automobiles. At present, Boeing aircraft, amd, Nissan, nec, Sharp, Chrysler, GM, Audi, Airbus have begun to use such materials in large quantities; in terms of coatings, the meticulous powder coating of peek resin is covered in the metal profile, which Obtain metal peek powder coating products with good insulation, strong corrosion resistance, heat resistance and water resistance, which are used in chemical corrosion prevention, household appliances, electronics, machinery and other fields. In addition, peek resin can be used to make packed columns for liquid chromatography and ultra-thin tubes for connection.

In order to meet the requirements for manufacturing high-precision, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-waste and impact-resistant parts, blending, filling, fiber compounding and other strengthening measures for peek resin can obtain peek plastic alloy or peek composites. For example, blending peek with polyetherketone can obtain composite materials with a specific melting point and a specific glass transition temperature, and the machining and molding performance of the material can be improved; while the composite materials blended with peek and polyethersulfone have outstanding mechanical functions, The flame retardant performance has been improved; the material made of special phenolic resin in peek has a special anti-friction function; the composite material made by blending peek with polytetrafluoroethylene maintains the high strength and hardness of peek At the same time, it also has convex abrasion resistance, which can be used to manufacture sliding bearings, seal rings and other mechanical parts; peek can be modified and strengthened with various fibers such as carbon fiber and glass fiber to make high-performance composite materials, fibers The reinforced peek composite has excellent creep resistance, damp heat resistance, aging resistance and impact resistance. Inserting carbon fiber or glass fiber in peek can also greatly improve the tensile and flexural strength of the material; inserting whisker material in peek can improve the hardness, rigidity and dimensional invariance of the material, which is used to make large The ring and mesh valves of hydrogen compactor and LPG compactor of the petrochemical production line. Peek composite material reinforced with inorganic nanomaterials is a new composite material that combines the many characteristics of organic resins and high-performance inorganic nanoparticles. It can significantly improve the impact resistance and friction resistance of peek resins, while improving the peek Rigidity and dimensional invariance further expand the range of use of peek resin.