Horizontal machining center b-axis conversion

The machining accuracy and machining efficiency of the thread of the machining accuracy of the horizontal machining center and the vertical machining center directly affects. Thread processing is one of the applications of the quality of the machining center. The following introduces several methods to make the machining center have higher accuracy and more stable performance when processing the thread. There are many methods for horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers when threading, such as tap machining and milling. Correct selection of processing tools and application of correct methods can improve the processing efficiency of the processing center.

A long time ago, the tapping method was a soft tapping method, and its structure was relatively complicated. In recent years, the distinction between horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers has been born, and the functions of machining centers have gradually improved. The processing of taps has changed from flexible to rigid. Rigid machining is currently the secondary processing method of machining centers. When processing a kind of workpiece, we must first determine the thread bottom hole, which has a great influence on the processing quality of the workpiece in the machining center. When selecting the workpiece of the horizontal machining center, it is necessary to select different taps according to different workpieces in advance. Different tools require different tools for different workpieces, and the resulting functions are also different. In the second place, attention should be paid to the difference between through-hole taps and blind-hole taps.

When machining the workpiece, the spindle will definitely delay the time when it is started, so as to ensure that the shaft reaches the predetermined speed. When retracting the tool, the hand-grinding tool adopts the spindle orientation to allow the tool to move in the radial direction. Because the hand-grinding tool is generally not very symmetrical, so be careful. The arbor must be manufactured accurately, otherwise, it will cause a messy buckle.