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Horizontal Metal Band Sawing Machine

Horizontal Metal Band Sawing MachineHorizontal Metal Band Sawing Machine

Horizontal metal band sawing machine series Horizontal band sawing machine is a replacement product of old-fashioned bow saws. It is mainly used for sawing various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with high cutting precision and small seams, and it is an ideal equipment with high efficiency and energy saving.
The models in this series are: KM-4025, KM-4028, KM-4035.
You can select the sawing angle function.

Technical Specifications of Horizontal Metal Band Saw:
Model KM-4025 KM-4028 KM-4035
Maximum sawing diameter Round wood Φ250 Round wood Φ280 Round wood Φ350
Plate 280 Plate 300 Plate 400
Sawing speed Class III 20/45/80 Class III 20/40/80 Class III 20/45/60
Working clamping method Hand clamping / hydraulic clamping Hydraulic clamping Hydraulic clamping
Band Saw Specifications 0.9x27x3152 0.9x27x3505 1.06x34x4115
Power of main motor 1.5 2.2 3.0
Oil pump motor power 0.37 0.37 0.37
Package size (mm) 1700x1700x1000 1900x1900x1060 2150x1430x1060

Horizontal band sawing machines are often used in: automotive industry. , Leisure products, pipe manufacturing and other industries.