How about Huazhong CNC system machining center

1. How about Huazhong CNC system machining center

In recent years, the development of the domestic CNC system industry can be described as rapid development, and Huazhong CNC has a background of state-owned enterprises. The development momentum can be said to be the most rapid. With the rapid development of the country ’s policy support, the market has spread all over the country Gradually accept this CNC system that was once called the laboratory. So how about Huazhong CNC system machining center? Is it good to use?

The performance and function of the Huazhong CNC system can be said to be the strongest domestic domestic system, which is slightly better than the Guangzhou CNC and Beijing Caindi which are also excellent domestic systems. The technology is more mature than other domestic systems. The machining center of Huazhong CNC system is better than that of other domestic CNC systems. Similar to the advantages of the Taiwan system, it is more suitable for use in the mid-range machine, and the general cost performance is not bad.

2. How does the Huazhong CNC system machining center compare with other CNC system machining centers?

However, compared with Taiwan’s new generation, Baoyuan and other systems, there is a slight gap, the performance is slightly worse, the price is similar, and the competitiveness of the machining center using the Taiwan system is still not strong. Many customers will still choose Taiwan CNC system.

Compared with the imported system, there is a slight gap. More customers on high-end machines choose not the domestic system such as Huazhong CNC or the Taiwan system, but the import of international first-line brands such as FANUC, Mitsubishi, Siemens and so on. system. In the application of high-end machining centers, Huazhong CNC system machining centers are almost uncompetitive. After all, they lag behind many foreign countries in terms of technology. All domestic systems still need a certain amount of time to catch up with the technology of foreign CNC systems.

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