How many parts does the machining center consist of?

The machining center is composed of several parts? Many friends may not know, then the editor will introduce you briefly in the following.

1. Servo system

An active control system that enables the output controlled quantity of an object’s orientation, orientation, status, etc. to follow arbitrary changes in the input policy (or a given value). The first task of the servo is to expand, change and adjust the power according to the requirements of the control instructions, so that the torque, speed and azimuth output of the drive equipment are very sensitive and convenient.

2. CNC equipment

The most widely used in domestic machining centers are Fanuc and Mitsubishi of Japan, and Siemens of Germany; some other commonly used ones are Fager of Spain, Heidenhain of Germany, and Central China, Kane Di, Guangshu and Earthman and others! There are many other machining center machine tool manufacturers that use their own dedicated systems, such as Haas and Heck in the United States; Mazak, Brother, Okuma, Makino, etc. in Japan!

3. Machine tool body

The machining center is generally the main body casting, and the operation machine body (execution organization) assembled after the cutting, scraping and other processes

4. Tool magazine

The tool magazine system is a kind of equipment that provides the requirements for tool storage and tool change in the process of automatic processing. The active tool change organization and the tool magazine that can store multiple tools have changed the traditional production method based on people. Through the control of the computer program, it can complete a variety of different processing needs, such as milling, drilling, boring, tapping, etc., greatly reducing the processing time and reducing the production cost. This is the biggest feature of the tool magazine system.