How Much Is BT30 Cnc Machining Center

The difference between BT30 machining center and BT40 machining center

In the previous article, we have introduced the BT40 machining center. Today we will introduce the BT30 machining center. The difference between BT30 and BT40 is that the spindle size of the two spindles is different. The spindle of the BT30 machining center is smaller than the BT40 machining center. a lot of. This is the difference between their appearance

Machining center tool holder introduction

The spindle taper hole of the machining center is usually divided into two categories, namely a general system with a taper of 7:24 and a 1:10 HSK vacuum system. 1. 7:24 taper universal tool holder 7:24 taper universal tool holder 7:24 taper general tool holder usually has five standards and specifications, namely NT (traditional type), DIN 69871 (German standard), IS0 7388/1 (International Standard), MAS BT (Japanese Standard) and ANSI / ASME (American Standard). The German standard for NT tool holders is DIN 2080, which is used to tighten the tool holders on the traditional machine tools through the tie rods. It is also called ST in China; the other four tool holders are all on the machining center through the nails at the end of the tool holder The handle is tightened. At present, the most commonly used tools in China are DIN 69871 (ie JT) and MAS BT. The DIN 69871 shank can be installed on DIN 69871 and ANSI / ASME spindle taper holes. IS0 7388/1 shank can be installed on DIN 69871, IS0 7388/1 and ANSI / ASME spindle taper holes. On the machine tool, in terms of versatility, the IS0 7388/1 type tool holder is the best

 BT30 machining center recommended

At present, there are four main machining centers of PTJ CNC BT30. These five machining centers are specially developed for small hardware parts. The spindle speed is 8000 rpm and the spindle speed is 12000. Models of BT30 are VMC330 and VMC420L. This is a series of machining centers. Drilling and tapping center series have T5 and T6. These are machining centers that use BT30 spindles. Friends in need can contact us.