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How should the high light machine screw be oiled

How Should The High Light Machine Screw Be OiledHow Should The High Light Machine Screw Be Oiled

As we all know, high-speed high-gloss machines are a kind of precision numerical control machinery and equipment in the machining field, and they are more and more widely used in mass production and cnc machining of metal materials. Therefore, the maintenance of CNC high-gloss machine is very important, and the most important part is to maintain the high-gloss machine accessories. Today, learn from the high-gloss machine manufacturer how to lubricate the high-gloss screw.

The feedback from many customers to our company is that it is very diligent to oil the high-gloss machine parts, but it will still malfunction. After asking the details, I realized that they directly buttered the high-gloss machine screw for convenience, which was wrong. The butter is too dry and easy to stick to ash. Although it can play a certain lubricating effect, it can not achieve the effect of cleaning. It will cause dust and debris to enter the high-gloss wire mother ball, which will cause failure.

Then how should the high-gloss machine screw be oiled?

The high-gloss machine manufacturers recommend that the oil and butter be mixed in a certain ratio. The standard is to dilute the butter with oil (not flowing). When oiling the high-gloss machine, be sure to clean the high-gloss machine screw first, then apply the adjusted oil evenly on the screw, and run the machine at a low speed after finishing, so that the oil can enter the high-gloss machine wire mother, repeatedly Repeatedly, until the color of the oil from the silk mother matches the color of the blended oil. Because the high light machine works for a long time and high load, it must be maintained regularly. You can also set the maintenance time according to the actual wear and tear.